2018: a wind of change right now!

8 Jan
I wish all my readers a

Happy New Year!

So I’d like to follow with: break free from sadness!
It sounds absurd to ask people if they’re happy in their life, but I can assure you that most of the time, they just can’t answer to that simple question.
Lots of people I meet all over a year, from any culture or any country, are pretty embarrassed when they have to talk about their feelings about life. Obviously, they don’t even know when has been the last time they’ve thought about it.
We all do the same: we go through life as robots sometimes, so one day a burn out, a nervous break down, the loss of a job, or someone who suddenly dies remind us how fragile we are, so how life is precious.
A wind of change is coming up this month of January.
Two full moons this month, on the 2nd and on the 31st of January bring on a new awareness and some revelations. It means that the past must stay behind us, in the way to create our future with freeness. The big energies of this month teach us how to break free from the past in the way to move on, to be reconnected with our inner divine part, and do what we’re made for. The feeling of rebellion might be there for most of us: why should we have to pursue the goals which aren’t good enough or just made for others? Why should we have to be like others want us to be, think or do? All is made to put on in our own life, more integrity and authenticity.
A great green traffic light is coming down from the Cosmos.
It leads us to our own path: living with joy, doing everything with joy will bring on happiness and will make last our dreams and wills. January asks us to clean all that needs, and do everything with our heart. We have to think about the life of our dreams, which is exactly the one made for each of us. We need to be anchored onto Earth, but to make a balance with our divine power connected with the Universe: happiness is not far in that way, because our actions will done in the aim to make us happy, and bring us fulfillment for the next eight years (a cycle is made of 9 years, so 2018 is the 2nd year of the current cycle).
The Universe talks to each of us.
Put on a smile on your heart before taking any decision. Keep on your smile inside makes you enlighten outside. It’s easier to communicate with others with no doubt, no fear, no judgement, and no accusation. People around you have the right to be who they are, with their best and their worst. You must not forget to let them go on their path at their own rhythm, without criticizing them. They have something to learn too, as it is for you. So be fair and patient when you don’t agree with them in any situation. By your side, continue to clean, tidy up, purify and sort out what you’ve got within your head, so in your own life. Get to the point and break away from all is not useful now. There is a very need of freedom, of being aligned with your higher awareness. Being connected with your soul is the best gift ever done for yourself. So the presents from the Universe will come over soon from everywhere.
Love is there.
Love is everywhere around you, in your heart, in a smile, in a kind thought for someone else. Find it out or let it come over again. It’s easier than living with anger or sadness. Be confident, happiness will bring you on a better life!


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