About me

avatar jane kendall      Welcome!

      I’m a couple of years excited to get a blog. I didn’t know how nor when, but the idea I could give some of my recipes of happiness to many people at the same time has driven me into such a happiness that I knew it was the best thing to do.

     I’ve read hundreds miles of literature since I’m a young girl and I confess it helped me in a lot in many bad circumstances, sometimes very sad too. So maybe because it has taken a long, long time to grow happiness again in my heart, and because I felt so alone to do it, I’ve decided to pass on what I’ve been taught by my experiences.

      During my life and especially these past five years, I’ve learnt a lot about the personal development and gradually I became the coach of happiness for my family, some good friends or colleagues. The idea of the blog came over when I understood that it could be nice to exchange some recipes of happiness with many people on Earth.

      So here I am. You probably noticed that my english is not perfect. (So don’t be shy and send me your corrections, my writings will be better, thanks to you). So it’s because I’m French. I live in France too. I needed to create a new name to feel free from the people who know me and I’m working with. I found Jane (one of my loving grand-mother’s first name) and Kendall which sounds a bit Californian. I do like it! I hope you’ll like it too!

     This blog is yours as well. Help me to pass on recipes of happiness to everyone who want to change their life for better and grow a smile on their heart again!



June, 2016