Do angels really hear us?

24 Jul

The main and recurrent question I’m often asked is: “do angels really hear me?”. I can understand this is not as if we were talking about science, maths or literature… nor anything that can be checked… No, here, it’s about spirituality, thus the faith. Nothing to see with any religion. I mean by faith, the inner power of love everybody on Earth can get. So things are easier to understand once we’re talking about the same thing.

So let’s see about what faith means.

Faith is a big power inside each person, from the birth to the end in our incarnation on Earth. This is that power which makes a baby growing up by learning a huge mass of information in a very short time. Does a baby think they can’t learn? Never! The baby is just learning, then does (at least, they try). Everything is going to be set step by step, but they can’t imagine that yet. They just have to go ahead.

The faith is here. This isn’t a belief, but a very big intuition, an awesome and powerful one, but we don’t know that before working about spirituality. Faith is not something that can be taught. This is an awareness, something private and intimate, a state of mind that settles at the best time. Some of us do it early in their life, some others at a mature age.  That’s as if we were about knowing, learning, improving everything in our life, but now under a new angle. So after a while, things seem to go so easily: we ask for a help at then we receive the answer. Our faith grows up naturally, day after day. Useless to say that if you’re confident, if you trust in that big inner power, things go fast.

Our intuition is the basis on what faith will grow up. We don’t know how much our intuition leads us, up to the time we’re aware of it, at last. Lots of things we have done in the past have been driven by our intuition. But who cared? As time goes by, our feelings and emotions about everything are different, or at least we pay more attention to them. Getting older means that too: being aware of what we’re living. Everyone can hear the sound of their heart, how it beats and for what. It’s the same for our intuition: the more we trust it, the more it leads us on our path.

When you know and trust your inner power, when your faith in yourself is there, very well anchored, when you can’t break it from who you are, so you’re ready for the next step: being connected with a higher power, I mean angels, archangels, the Source (called the Universe, the Cosmos, etc.) and all these nice guardian angels and guides who help you each time you need, on the condition you ask them for a help!

So yes, your angels hear you! Be sure they’ll do their best to help you when you ask. Obviously, you may not hear them when they talk to you too, nor you can’t see them yet, but that’s possible. Meantime, they will send you a feather, a coin, a bird to make you know they heard you. You can also have news from a friend, a member of your family, a call or anything else at the best time to mean they’re just around you, so they heard you.

Thus in the future, get used to asking them for help, and pay attention on what is going on!




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