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22 Jan

I’m very thankful to you being here! This is the first time I’ve got a blog, this experience is absolutely great. I really hope that you’ll enjoy reading my articles and share them with people around you.

A lot of women and men are very touched by the lack of time in their way of living: they work hard, have babies or teens to care of, old parents too, any colleagues, duty work, and no time for them. I think we all are able to change that. Slowly. Not in a hurry. Not with violence against ourselves. We’ve got time enough to do it. We must take it easy.

So why we should get more time?

As far as I remember, I always had to be in a hurry: for school, the tennis lessons, the piano lessons and so on. My parents were always in a hurry, and still now I wonder why because my mother didn’t work for living as I do. I considered for a while she had time for her, for a rest on the afternoon, to go to the hairdresser, to do some shopping with no stress, etc. But it’s was not exactly like that. She was always in a hurry because she was alone during the week, when my father was working far from home. She had to do everything by herself: shopping for food, cooking, driving her kids to school, to the tennis or piano lessons, etc. Despite the fact she was not working for a living, she had not time for her; like millions of women across the world, she was dedicated to her family. So she thought she was less important than it.

How many times did we think that?

So from now on, my dear world friends, I suggest we all together try to change this way of thinking, and move on the path of self-esteem. Of course, we all do love our family and we couldn’t love them less, but I assume it could be great to add the wonderful person we are.

Love yourself as you love your kids, the man or the woman who shares your life. Be you, a perfect you for yourself too. You deserve it.

Slowing down brings more time and makes happier!

Join and give us your recipes to create happiness in your life.



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