Break free of your childhood

16 Oct

You’ve read somewhere that you’ll live attached to your childhood all the rest of your life, so that it will determine your existence up to the end. The best question would be: “do you want to suffer your childhood forever?

So why do you have to put it in a drawer?

How many adults can say they have got a great childhood? This is a big time where you’ve been taught to walk, eat, dress up, go to school, live with others, and accomplish your future. No childhood is perfect nor easy to live.

For some of you, it has been awful. Son it sticks to your skin. You’re not self-confident, so the image of yourself is not good at all. You’d like to change it, but you don’t know how to do.

The answer is: live in the present right now.

We all have to learn and live in the present. It seems easy to do, but it needs a new way of thinking. Living at the present builds your future, and let the past behind. Your experiences have done the person you’re now, so you can’t say you’re the same person than during your childhood. When you dwell on your past, you just make it live again and again, with no way to go out of it. The past, as awful it might have been, must serve you to go on, and certainly not to prevent you from. The past is something you can’t change, but you can change the vision you have of it.

The free will is one of the greatest gifts ever done for the humanity. It makes us think about what is good, and not. I mean you’re able to change the vision of everything. That’s a big challenge, because it needs you to adapt yourself constantly. But the effects are so huge and give such a self- confidence, that it’s just a sin not to try.

Living in the present means you don’t obey anymore to your head that wants you to be a child forever. It breaks you free. It gives you a big power, the one to choose your own life, to decide of everything and change what must be. When you live in the present, you build your future at each second, because everything you do now creates your future.

What you feel, live or be now, will get a resonance in the future. That’s the reason why happy people live longer and in a better health than those who’re not. Each second of the daily life may turn you into destruction or into a wonderful dream. It’s up to you. What do you prefer? Everything bad an adult may live can be seen as an useful experience. When you decide to see things in positive, it helps you to become a better person and a builds your perfect future.

Just try once.



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