Broke? 5 tips not to be anymore!

25 Sep

There are some moments in a year while we miss the money. Not a lot of money, but enough to pay some things which were not planned. So did you notice this is at that worst time you want to buy that awesome pair of blue jean, the new make-up of the season, or clothes for your kids because they have nothing to wear anymore? So this is the mess: no money enough, your banker is on edge, ready to kick you out.

So what to do?

1/ Check quickly what is urgent, and not: some things can wait, others can’t. So be clear: you can survive without that wonderful dress you’ve seen on your favorite shop, or that overprice smartphone. But you must eat, go to work, and pay taxes.

2/ Don’t wait. Call your banker for an appointment: the more they see you’re concerned, and ready to do something, the more they’ll help you. If your banker is a shark, find another bank; the competition is hard between banks: they all want to get new clients. So remember that banks make money with people like you, I mean with overdraft charges!

3/ Sell all the things you don’t need anymore, on a website made for that. It doesn’t take a lot of time, even so you don’t get a lot of money, so it makes you realize everything you bought in the past was too expensive. So next time you’ll be able to buy an expensive pair of sunglasses, you’ll think about it.

4/ Find out what makes you spend money. Is it food, restaurants, hairdresser, hobby, sport? So go slowly with these expenses from now (or give them up), just to get a balance between incomes and outcomes. So when your bank account is positive again, you’ll be able to spend money for these things.

5/ Once you’ve done all that, take a few minutes to think about your skills. You may work more, in a way or another, to get more money per month. So you can:

  • Drive an older neighbor to do some food shopping
  • Help them in the garden, in the kitchen or in cleaning home
  • Be a reader for someone who can’t read anymore
  • Give some lessons of English, mathematics or music to a child, a teen
  • Be a babysitter twice a week
  • Make a workshop of something you like to do: sewing, writing, painting, home repairing…
  • Be a coach in make-up, dressing, personal development…

Everything you like to do for yourself can be done for a few people around you who need your expertise. So they’ll be ready to pay for that, because it’s easy to trust someone who wants to pass on some of their experience. It can be something you do, very obvious or easy for you, but that can’t be seen the same for others.

Set a price (ask to be paid in cash), a day, a time, for what you want to do. Put some flyers on your neighbors’ mail boxes, or make an ad on your favorite social networking website. Be enthusiastic, positive and confident. People who succeed whatever they do, never think they can’t.

So you won’t wait for a long time before having some people interested in your project.

Once you get more money per month, spare thirty percent of your new income: you have to be paid first for the job (consider it as your money pocket). So the rest of the money must be used to pay taxes, and big needs.

Anyone gets some skills not developed at work, or on their daily life. By using them to earn a little more money, you find out some very huge resources which were sleeping inside you. So you’ll be more confident, more relax and happier in having found by yourself how to get out from a bad situation.

So my HappinesShakers, please, write me a few words to be shared with all my readers, and tell me what you’re on the way to do, or what you’ve done yet, to earn a little more money for a better living, and don’t be broke anymore.



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