DIY: a step to women’s independence!

5 Feb

For most of the women of the western world, doing DIY has found its origin in the last economics crisis, but also because a divorce or a separation. As everything has changed in their life, pushing them off comfort, the women have had to live differently. Becoming the captain of their own life, they have taken on everything.

Doing DIY, the women break free from the dependence of any man. Ok, everybody can’t be a plumber or a mechanic, but for the little things at home or at the garden, it’s easier. Things to be repaired are made slowly, using an advice, the hint from someone who can explain or show us how to do. Then we do it by ourselves, and we succeed.

The first time I did DIY, it was because there was no one to do it for me anymore. The expense was so huge that I had to do it by myself: my brain, my logical thinking, and my two hands would help me. Sometimes I asked a hint from some male colleague who used to do DIY.

Still now, as a single woman, I think that it’s not easy to ask a free help from any man: what they will ask me in return? Some are ready to help a woman with the secret idea to get something in return; so Ladies, I’m sure you know what I mean. An electrician who went at home to repair the TV (for that, I suck) had said things he shouldn’t have which suggested a lower cost if I was “nice”. Useless to say I’ve paid the price. I didn’t call him back.

Of course, at the beginning, things to be repaired at home or at the garden have been big enigmas for me and turned me crazy more than once. I missed time, I missed good tools, I missed energy too, but almost all I didn’t know how to do. Hopefully, the web has been a source of to bring me answers. I’m very grateful with all these websites which have done their job: I’ve been taught how to become independent and a good handywoman as well!

Now, I confess I’ve waged a war, but I won. It’s been a daily battle sometimes: how to repair, how to do with no money? I can repair a lot of broken stuffs now. When I need an advice, I ask a male colleague or a friend just for an explanation, but I do the repair by myself. I’m very proud of it because I’m pretty good now. It has taken a lot of my time and energy, but now I feel comfortable with any broken thing or any stuff to be repaired, painted, or connected, etc. I’ve earned a lot of money and also protected myself against the abuse of power some men could have used on me if ever I’ve asked them some free help.

The actresses who have launched the recent #TimesUp and #MeToo movements to denounce harassment and rape of which they have been victims, want people know how much is hard to be a woman, treated as a human being and no more as a sexual object, so not only in the film industry. They denounce the abuse of power of some men who consider women as their property. They want all the women to be treated with respect whatever their job is.

I support their movement, firstly because I personally know how difficult it is for a woman to work in males’ world, secondly because they inform on the fact women very often have to deal with some men who think their money or their power give them the right to do everything, regardless laws. I just hope these laws will be harder, so these men will end up into a jail, and the others will stand by women.

So today, I just want to write about the power women get: the power to decide by themselves, to be heard and helped, to say “no” to anything or to any person wrong in their life, the power to inform on someone who treats them bad, hurts them or use their money, power or strength against them. So to all these women who stand up and to those who will do someday, I say “thank you”, because their war against adversity and issues of life will help our daughters, grand-daughters to go on, to live in a better world, fairest for all the women.

Doing DIY, is a good way for women to start grow seeds of independence, to become self-confidents and prouds of them. Do everything by yourselves, Ladies, let’s talk this power you’ve got, and don’t ever let anyone run your own life. So if it’s not the case yet, become a DIY woman right now!



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