Do you ask?

7 Feb

It’s been the question of a good friend of mine, a few years ago. We were at the tennis park, drinking a fresh glass of water after a set. I didn’t know what to reply. She just looked at me, smiling, waiting for something else than the usual explanation:”got no time”, “don’t think about doing it” and so on. I worked to get inside her. She added:”ask to the Universe, you’ll be given”.

Many years later, I use to ask the same question to some of the people around me who go through troubles and don’t know what direction to take. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to choose between many options, especially when you’re on your own. You all think that because as you manage your life, you’d be able to find out the best way easily. But it’s not true. Some of you have probably made a bad choice one time in the past, and know what I mean. So as time went by, you learnt from your experiences, and you figured out not only one good decision, but several. You know how to fit yourself into a situation and take off the best of it.

But if ever you could have been helped, what would it be like?

I’m not talking about a guru, a master of management, nor your best friend (as if it’s fine too!)… I mean a such powerful energy that you couldn’t fail: The Universe… or call it as you want. Antic Greeks used to call it Cosmos. Then ask it. Ask it to solve “the” problem you can’t solve by yourself, then say “thank you”. You can be sure that the answer will come up to you soon. In a way like in another, you’ll get the best answer to your request.

So what do you get to know from this experience?

You’ll get two important findings: the first, is that you’re not alone. Something big, full of love and made of energy is everywhere, ready to listen to you and reply to you. The second, this is now you know you’re on the right path: things go easier, naturally. Your inner power is on, connected with the Universe.

So there is something else: in case of the Universe replies to you “find out by yourself” to a request or an issue you asked an help from it, don’t feel disappointed nor angry. It makes you to know you need to learn something by yourself. So trust in your inner power, trust yourself. You’ve got all you need to succeed. This not a punishment, this is a key given to you.



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