When everything hurts: the treatment

28 Aug

Are you fragile at the point you can’t stand any reproach, so any trouble at the moment? Each morning, you go to work with the fear it happens something bad. You feel sad, with no energy, empty from any need or desire. You think you’re depressed. Maybe are you, actually. But the main reason of all that mess, this is because your mental has taken the control on you. So it’s very disturbing, isn’t it? You don’t know what to do, so people around you say you should get some days off, but you perfectly know you have to do something else, but what?

I can tell you that everybody knows that kind of ill-being with no name: you can’t find any reason, nor explain it. That’s the problem, because you can’t do anything to save the situation. You can’t read, nor you don’t want to meet your friends; you eat some pills to sleep with no dreams because your mind turns round and round all the night long. You bore, you drag yourself, so nothing could help you.

What happens?

You’re not having a break-down, you’re just tired. Tired at the point you can’t live as you want, happy and peaceful. So there are some tips to make you feel fine again. No need a lot of money, nor a lot of energy. Just some stuffs to remember the next time, if it would happen again:

1/ Start and clean the windows at home. I know, it sounds weird, but it’s not, actually. By that way, you clean yourself, I mean your inside-out, these things hidden inside you, so those outside, that don’t fit you anymore. Besides, you make your mind free of any thought as you’re busy to clean the windows. The concentration is the best way to raise your energy. So it works out! Cleaning the windows allows you to see things as they are, and no more as you’d like them to be (or you think they are). This is awareness. But it can also drive you to a better connection with your inner power, I mean your intuition. That’s the reason, cleaning is the main thing to do.

2/ Take off all the things you don’t get any use from your closets. By that way, you allow new things to come into your life again. So the past is the past: you must go on, so you need to feel free from it.

3/ Do the same with your old files, letters and all kinds of documents. Your life is so cluttered with it, that your mind can’t sort out what is useful and what it’s not anymore. You need to lighten the space you’re living in, I mean your home (your home is your mind and body, too!).

4/ Go out for a walk, even for a few minutes. The energy of the earth when you’re walking is good for you. You don’t have to talk, nor to listen to any music on your IPod, just look around and feel yourself as if you were the center of that place. Breathe, feel the nature, watch the sky, smell the scents. The connection with natural elements is coming over and it will give you energy in return.

5/ Make up your day when you start it. It means you must smile at yourself in the mirror first. Then try to find you beautiful: who you are inside, so outside. Don’t be so cruel, you deserve to be honest and fair. Your wrinkles are there to remind you two things: you’re still alive, and you’ve got a big experience of life. So you own a treasure!

6/ Speak to your mental, and order it shut once and forever! Tell it you’re the boss, so that you’re able to manage your life as you want. Tell it to get lost too! Dare to take the control! You don’t have to risk anything, but to break free.

7/ Stop watching on the TV, stop hearing the breaking news on the radio, and give the web up for a while. You can’t imagine as your mind is going to be quiet and peaceful. You can call a friend, a relative if they are positive people only. But don’t waste your time by listening to others’ troubles because you’re cleaning your life up at the moment.

8/ Each morning, and as often you can do it during a day, remember some good old time: lovers, outgoings, datings, giggles, travels, babies, pets or the purchase of your home. Everything is fine to make you feel happy. Think you’re able to create your life, and everything you want now. It’s up to you!

9/ Don’t be too busy! Slow down, you need space and time to build a new awareness, to fill your life with your new dreams. You might let hours go on without doing any duty. Time is a human invention, so live as you want for a while: eat when you feel it, sleep early at night, and so on. Sometimes it’s good to remember you’re not a robot.

10/ Get a list of everything you’ve done since you’ve been an adult, one column where you write everything you think bad, another with good things. So be indulgent with yourself. You’ll notice that as time went by, your way of doing has changed, your vision of all these things, bad or good, too. That’s great. You’re not the same person than you used to be in the past. So remember that within a few minutes, you won’t be the same person neither. It means you’re creating who you are at each single second, so the best of you is there, in your hands, or I’d rather say, into your heart. This is what you must keep in mind: time, duties, breaking news, troubles, negative people, are just there to push you to recreate your own life, by yourself. Stop with intoxicating your mind, so your mental will keep quiet. Chose now who you want to be, do or think at the moment, this is the best way to create a beautiful future, for yourself.

Hope these tips will resonate in your mind, and will allow you to be happier!



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