How to chat with your angels?

31 Jul

Following my previous post, there are some tips to communicate with your angels. There are many ways (which are all good), but it depends on each person, actually. Everybody gets at least one gift, I mean a way to communicate with angels and higher beings. You must be a bit curious if ever you want to learn more about, so let your intuition drive to find it out; there are a lot of very interesting people on the web (I do like YouTube, because there are hundreds videos about spirituality). You’ll find out some people who can help you to be connected with angels and higher beings if ever you can’t do it by yourself. It’s also a great experience to live.

At the beginning, you may think “I’m crazy, I’m just talking to myself… it’s weird”. As and when, you’ll be more confident and trust the answers that come over. Feel them instead of analyzing them. Let your soul talk by your intuition, this is the best way to keep in touch with your angels before going forward. You must proceed as if you really were speaking with angels. Maybe you’ll notice some of them are talking to you on one ear only, always the same, or above a part of your head. Don’t be scared. Angels do like speaking with us, they’ve got so many things to talk about! So continue speaking to them, even if you don’t hear their answers, or you think they can’t reply. In fact, they do with many ways (read again my last post!).

Note that your free will on Earth prevents them from helping you if you don’t ask for (but in case of a big danger). Angels can’t live in your place, because you’ve got so many things to learn, so many experiences to live to make your soul grow up, that they just can help you. So if ever you don’t dare to ask because you think it’s just for a little thing with not a big importance (for example, a place to park your car), remember that they have no idea of any measures: time, quantities, distances, qualities (big, small, enough, too much, warm, cold…) is unknown from them. So when you ask for more money, just say “I need money enough to do that…”, or if ever you want to lose some weight, say “I like my body, but it would be better with… pounds less”, or if you want a new job, say “my job (or my last one) was good, but I’d like to get a better job done for me”, etc. Think to ask without being negative with what you’ve got yet. Be grateful, say thanks, just after you asked for a help. Useless to say that you can’t ask to win at the lottery or at anything like that! Angels up there are just trying to do their best to care on you. Remember that your life is the result of your own acts. You’re the leader.

Not asking your angels (no matter you don’t even know their names), makes them unemployed, which is very sad for both. They need to make their soul grow up like us, so they have to help us on Earth as more as possible. This is a good deal, actually: they help you, so you help them too! The more you ask, the more you’ll notice little changes around you. At the beginning, it’s like a game, then you’ll be very happy to receive their gifts in a way or another: from a friend, a relative, a colleague, or someone you didn’t even know. Surprises are all around you, presents and amazing times will come over when you ask for help.  You’ll pay more attention to all around you, to the details, to the small things that had no importance a few times ago. This is the magic of the connection with angels: nothing more is due to random, but wanted by you, so made true thanks to them. Trust your angels, they want you as happy as possible.

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Find below two links for two files which are very interesting and can make you understand a lot about angels and higher beings. I thank their authors from the bottom of my heart for their useful and awesome work they share with everybody.



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