Are you kidding now, Jane?

7 Aug

The most difficult thing when you start to be connected with the beings of Light, that’s people around you. You want to tell them how great and amazing your experience is, but they just think you’re getting crazy or about to get a breakdown. They barely listen to you, or they laugh behind your back. In any case, their attitude is very negative. So you feel sad and misunderstood for a while.

In my case, I’ve often heard: “Are you kidding, Jane?” that sounded like I was becoming completely dotty or even insane. So I’m sure some of them thought I was a witch too!

In front of them, you may not surrender. You’ve got the right to live your own experiences, so not to ask their agreement. But if you want to live it as best as possible, don’t share everything about your experience with them: be careful, weigh your words, and sort out what you want to say. As time goes by, they might notice some changes in your life that will lead them to ask you some questions about. So you’ll be able to talk to them about your spirituality.

Then you’ll notice people around you are more interested in what you say, so they’ll want to know more about all these new and strange things which come over to you. Be careful, you’ll have to go step by step when you talk to them. Let them digest what you’d just said, so they’ll come again to you for more explanations. You’ll be amazed by their confessions too: lots people don’t dare to talk about their own connections with angels or higher beings, but once they trust in you, nothing can’t prevent them from doing it.

On your side, you have to find out people who could share your experience. It’s not easy, but if you ask your angels and guides to get these people on your path, it will happen soon: no matter when or who these people will come over, you just have to be connected with your intuition. It must come from your heart. Exchanging with others about spirituality gives us more confidence and makes our inner power stronger. It’ the same than exchanging news about fashion, music tracks or anything else! But that topic is still a taboo for many people.

However a taboo is made of a big part of ignorance and fear. Once people around you can speak and open their heart, conversations get easily, so they can share their experiences about spirituality. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to go further in that field. Sometimes people need more time to understand, and almost all to feel how things are changing in their life since they have been interested in spirituality. Just be cool with them: compassion and understanding are your best allies to help them to move forward.

So, don’t try to convince people around you. You just have to talk about your own experience that’s growing up as you’re learning more about how to be connected with the beings of Light. No matter if you can’t answer yet to all the questions that invade your mind (or theirs), remember you’re on the path to make a balance between North and South, I mean between the beings of Light (up there) and you (who are on Earth).

As the faith grows up in your heart, so in others’ heart, it will be easier to get some certainties about angels, higher beings, guides and what they all do for you, each single day. The time will come over you’ll be able to talk about your experiences, readings and findings. This time may be lived as a victory, because love is the main reason for that change!

In every way, be patient. Going on the path of Light may take a long time, but as you’re finding out what is good for you, you’ll be able to open your heart and be more serene. Your own gifts will give you more confidence: they’ve been sent to you for your earthly life, to make it more beautiful and easy going, but also to help the humanity.

Therefore, in the future, when someone thinks you’re kidding, you might reply: “If you say so…” that will put a doubt into their mind, which is always the best way to make someone think about something!




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