Let the silence shout out loud!

18 Feb

Did you ever find yourself at a dinner with some good friends, and suddenly you felt disturbed by too much noise? They were talking out loud and laughing… so you were… up to this second when your mind and your body have made you upset: there was too much shouts and noises. Your vibe came down. You felt bad.

Sometimes you can be disturbed by any noise. At work, in the car, in a shopping center, noise can be present anywhere, anywhen. Did you notice how you are surrounded by all kinds of noises all a day long? Do you feel different according to each noise? I mean you can be very affected by a sudden noise, and not at all by one that lasts for hours. Why? What is this kind of noise you can stand? Is it a question of memory? A state of mind? Both?

No one can reply to these questions except yourself. Being aware of all around you and how things turn for you, inside out, should be a way of feeling at each second of a daily life. Taking the example of any noise around you, you can be aware to be the center of your own life. You deserve it. You don’t have to feel guilty!

So next time you’ll be disturbed by too much noise around you, please let the silence come into your mind, let it invading your soul, your body. Silence is made to make you feel something important, only you can know about. Then you’ll be strongly connected with your inner power, and likely you’ll get more creative! So you’re supposed to like this side of you. Be sure you’ll need to let the silence coming into you whenever you want: when driving, cooking, writing, reading, running and so on… And you’ll notice that silence around you doesn’t exist! Cities, railroads, streets, birds, wind, rain drops, walking steps or anything else get a sound! You’ll get this amazing discovering: silence can be a no word space, a conscious mind, a time out, a break in the rush, a slow down when events drive you crazy… In anyway, something that allows you to feel who you deeply are and brings you happiness.

Make the experience, so tell me in return what have been your feelings and what you did with your creativity!

I look forward to getting your answers!



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