We look at love, but we don’t see it…

10 Jul

Was in the garden, last evening. Everything was quiet and peaceful. No sound around. No breath of air. The birds were gone. Bees too. Just a question in my mind as the day was ending: why all around us is so important? I mean all that makes our daily life: family, friends, job, hobby?

Some beggars ask for a piece of money downtown. One of them stands at the same traffic light, waiting for the cars to stop. It’s so cruel to see him, knowing he lives in the street. I often say to myself this is not the life he was dreaming of when he was a young child. He certainly had dreams, like everybody. But a dog is not far, waiting quietly on the pavement; it looks at its master who goes and comes between the cars, with his hand out. The dog sees everything. It’s ready to move if ever the man gets a trouble. All the love between the dog and the man is there: a glance at the dog to check if nobody hurt it, the dog’s eyes to check if nobody hurts its master. They both need each other to survive. They just have the other one to live, to love, to be happy, to be.

“We look at, but we don’t see”, I thought last time I was in my car, at the traffic light where each day, the man and his dog are. We don’t see love hidden in small things, we don’t see it in ordinary things neither. We look for it, we talk about it, we look at it, but we don’t see it.

All our life is made of it, however. The smile of the cashier at the supermarket, a nice hello from your neighbor when you leave home to go to work, someone who hands you a cup of coffee at work, a text from a friend when you’re overbooked that encourages you, a bird singing in the garden, a music on the radio, a movie on the tv…

When I think about the dog and the beggar, I know the love between them is a true one. However, they had no home, no friends, no money, maybe no future. But love. Just this huge and awesome love between an animal and a person. They just feel fine with only that. So they live each minute as a victory, each piece of money as a gift, each smile from a driver as a reward. The man and the dog know better than most of the people to see the love. The man probably doesn’t talk about it, he doesn’t dream of it neither, he just lives it in a very hard and ordinary life with his dog.

Sometimes, love is made of very small intentions, in very small touches and acts. It doesn’t need big words nor expensive gifts, but heart. Heart in its simplicity and truth. A bird singing offers you its best, so you can be happy just hearing it. A colleague who asks you how you feel, is just watching over you, and a beggar who’s hand out is just an human being who’s hungry and his dog too. Forget any judgement and charge, just keep your mind and your heart open: love is all around you. You’re going to see it. I’m sure of it.



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