Love means “speaking the same language”

24 Jan

One of the most important things between two people in love is certainly the communication. Many videos, blogs or websites show us how to maintain a good communication in our couple. The basis to get more love day after day is summed up here: communication, listening, and acts.

It’s not easy to do. Fears, anger, or resentment may blur any communication for a while. So how to make things change? How to go forward?

I could say: “put more love into your heart”, but it’s hard to do when the person in front of you has hurt you so much that it seems impossible to forgive them. So love appears as an old feeling with no more significations. Something’s dead inside you, so you may not make it grow again. Fortunately, you love your children, an old taunt, or a friend. You just can notice that love is still there. It didn’t escape from your soul, or from your life.

You might thing about the way you want it to manifest into your love relationship: should I stay and talk with my partner? Should I see a therapist? Sometimes, it’s hard to take a decision. We also can think that as time goes by, it’ll be easier to accept that bad communication. But will you both be still seen as a couple? I don’t think so. Because no communication between two partners is so uncomfortable for others that it’s quite sure people will desert your space: you’ll be alone, alone in your (love) relationship, alone in your social life.

In communication there is one main rule: speaking the same language. So each love relationship gets its own rules, ways or habits. So if you read that post, you may be the one to start: find a way to speak the same language than your partner. Find a way to renew with the communication you had in the past by some clever questions which might catch your lover: “would you like to go to… with me”, or “would you want me to cook that old recipe you like so much”, or “do you want to run out with me on Sunday morning?” and so on.

Don’t be disappointed if they don’t answer at once or say “no”. Remember that speaking the same language means making the choice to let the other one to be free. Free of speaking or not, free of thinking differently. Love is to accept freeness from the other. Don’t ache if things don’t turn as you want. You’d better let them go, and find out how to create some new opportunities to get a better communication.

If you’re still in love with your partner, you can change things for better. You have to speak the same language than them, and know (or remember) what they prefer, like or want. You must think about the joy and the happiness you had in the past by sharing that feelings with your partner. What was their language ? Was it to get a gift from you, a good meal, to share a walk together? Or only to know you were here, at home, both linked by the same joy to know the other one happy on their side

So your partner, because they love you, will do the same: they will try to reconnect with you by using your language of love: a present, a hug, a touch, or maybe they just will hold your hand. By that way, they show you that they love you, care of you, and want you to be happy. Trust your partner’s power of love and give them a chance to involve in the process of reconnection with you. Intimacy will happen soon, I mean not at bed only, but at each second of the dairy life.

The same language of love is a big connection between two people. It helps them to grow up, to make plans, to get happy, to be peaceful. Love is energy, the biggest one made to help us live as best as possible. It’s a huge gift, so it’s a crime not to use its energy to feel fine. Keep the faith, the Universe loves you too and will bring you everything you need from your partner.




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