Married again? Why not?

11 Sep

I’m not without knowing that after a divorce or a split up, some people don’t want to think about marriage again. But after a while, that can spread on many years, the image of a wedding day reappears in their mind, coming from… who knows it? Probably it comes from an empty space of love. Among all the people around me, at work or in my private life, I can hear that: “get married again? Why not”? Some say they have made a draft (a test) for their last wedding, so they’d be more comfortable and easy going the next time. They have learnt so much during their last wedding time, that they think the next one would be almost perfect!

So why do some men and women run after a new wedding, when they’ve got one before?

The idea doesn’t miss of humor: one wedding, twice sometimes, but ready to go again… It leaves me perplexed, but drives me terribly optimistic! When these people are ready to commit again, it means love takes a very big part in their life. That last report encourages me to believe the world is full of lots of awesome human beings. Love is such beautiful, so great, that I wonder how it would be without all these warriors of the wedding!

Some of my friends wouldn’t commit again in a wedding: their divorce turned so bad that they say to be inoculated forever; they don’t want to even talk about. However, some others would do it again because they think the experience needs to be done again; it’s as if it isn’t over: they want to live along a man, so share a space with him, at home, so some dreams and the daily life too.

Men aren’t bad neither; they want the same, so a woman to love, who could be their best friend too, a confidant, a traveler, a good person to share emotions with and all the beautiful things of the world. They want to dream too, and make love grow. They’re very romantic, actually; like us, women.

When they all talk about love, wedding and home, their face lights up, they seem to be younger, more beautiful and more smiling. Is love a drug? They answer “yes, it is”, and confess only the wedding period (before the end), has brought them that softly and awesome pleasure of living. Their job, their children, their friends may give them a lot of sources of joy, but only the wedding has made them very happy.

Isn’t it so strange?

Why these people could start a new wedding, knowing the last one has been destroyed like a vulgar empty can of soda?

That’s because they know they can succeed. They deeply know they can be happier, even their life is good, and they like it as it is. They know it’s possible to love like the first time, someone new, maybe very different, so many times during life. They perfectly feel it as a gift, something so big, so magical, such beautiful, that they just can’t say “no” to it. They chose life, love and fun, even they’re older, even they’ve got a disease, even they’ve been broken by life, or they thought it would never come back again.

They’re convinced they can do it again. So it might be the next axis of the world: love repeated again, and again, and again… Isn’t it a good new?



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