No Summer Holidays? Act as if!

19 Jul

Summer’s time is made to change our habits, to let our problems and job behind us, and enjoy each time spent with our family, friends and new people met around. Sun, sea-bathings, camping, or tanning, all is good for us when we’re on holidays. But there are some people who can’t leave their job and duties, or they just can’t have summer holidays. they dream of some days off however, they’d like to wake up late in the morning, have a nice time at a little restaurant on a beach, and maybe fall in love as well.

For them, there are some tips, to make their mind on holidays too.

First, don’t feel sad or angry because you’re not on holidays like other people. Do you take care with your old parents or young children? You’re a nice person! Your turn to have some days off will come again in your life. Are you working hard, your boss needs you for a special work? You’re the best person to fil the job. Is your lover far away for a few days, so you’re alone? You’re going to take some time for yourself, only.

Second, whatever happen in your life at the moment, you’re not the only person who can’t be on holidays. I know, you feel it as a punishment sometimes, but I can assure you there is a good cosmic reason for that. The Universe takes care of you, so you’ve got something to do, to feel, to be, to think about and maybe to change during that time.

But to make it go easy and happy for you, a few tips:

1/ Look around for colleagues or friends who are in the same situation than you, I mean those who aren’t on holidays. Ask them to go out and find out a nice place you don’t know yet (a bar, a restaurant, a night club, a gallery of art, etc). Explain you’re not on holidays, but you want to enjoy the summer time too.

2/ Change your habits, your clothes (light, colored and fun), the way you take each day to go to work. Make some home repairs (those you promised to do last winter), tidy your home up, your garden, clean your car, sort your winter clothes, and make acquaintance with your new neighbors.

3/ Read. This is a good time to read all these novels you didn’t get time to, so find out a little coffee-shop, a bench on a square garden, and spend an hour or two on that quiet and peaceful place. A book, a tab, a laptop: everything you want is fine.

4/ Take advantage of it to go to the hairdresser, to do some shopping, to get a free registration in a fitness club, in a dance class, or to start a diet, just to remind you’re not only a worker, but a living being.

5/ Plan your next holidays: the places you want to visit, people you’d like to to go with, the money you have to spare. This is a dream you want to make happen, so do it!

6/ Call your friends around, those who need an extra for their shop, restaurant or a baby-sitter: working a few hours outside your own job can bring you new friends, more money, open new perspectives. So useless to say these people will help you in return the day you need it.

7/ Get up early on Sunday’s; you’ll do more things than if you stay at bed. Go to that little market and bring back beautiful vegetables and fruits (this is the season to eat all these colored and juicy foods), take time to get a coffee or a smoothie at a nice place, enjoy driving to the beach or to meet old friends for lunch, visit a handcraft workshop, etc.

8/ In the case you’d need to sleep late on the Sunday morning, and get a nap in the afternoon, just let things go. Don’t make you under pressure, you have to slow down, to keep yourself in a good shape! You just need to cut with work, duties and need to rest a little. It doesn’t mean you’re wasting your time, but on the contrary, you make go out all the toxins and pressure by resting. Don’t feel guilty to be exhausted, you just need to remind you’re not a machine!

9/ Put a smile on your face! You’ll notice people around you are smiling too, conversations are easy, working is more comfortable. It seems a bit naive, but smiling makes miracles! So stop grumbling; smile in any circumstances!

10/ This last point is the most important. Lots of people around the world don’t even know what the holidays mean. So keep in mind you’ve got the chance to live in a free country, where holidays have been made for working citizens. And in the case you couldn’t get holidays because you’re broken at he moment, or you don’t get a job, don’t be desperate: there are lots of associations that need volonteers and will help you in return. Doing something for others allows you to make feel useful and to meet new people. Don’t be ashamed to be broken, nor not to get a job, but try to understand what you want your life to look like in the future. So enjoy what you’ve got in your life yet. Gratefulness is the best way to make abundance come back!

So my dear HappinesShakers, I wish you to enjoy that summer time!



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