Take place in my life

28 Aug
Following my previous post “Love me as I am”, my intuition led me to write about a thing a lot of people forget when they meet love. I want to talk about our space: home, mind, physical surroundings, body, friends, and so on. Well, firstly let’s chat about you: you’re in love, your romance just...

Love me as I am

19 Aug
When time has come to review your life and you now understand it brought its pack of illusions, disillusionments, good love stories, bad ones, dreams and nightmares, I really think you’re ready for the great, the unique, the awesome and big love. Yes, indeed! But things have changed since the last time you were in...

Your secret will be safe with me!

11 Aug
How many times did you hear that phrase? How many times a person you trusted broke a promise to keep a secret save and betrayed you? How many times you swore it would never happen to you again? How many times did it happen again? And again? And again? Here on this post, I want...


5 Aug
One thing I remember from past hard times, is that scary feeling I’d end drown because I couldn’t breathe anymore as my life was overburdened with my new responsibilities. Many years later, I consider myself as a rescue. I don’t know why it has taken so much time for me to learn how to slow...

Open your wings

12 Jul
open your wings
As hard it can be, try to imagine you living in a different way. Ok, I can hear you thinking “easy to say, not easy to do”. Yes, you’re right. You must work to pay taxes, food, schools, and so on. But I would like you to try though: what would you be or do...

Happiness is magic!

29 Jun
happiness is magic
When I was young, I did like a fairy costume my grandmother Antoinette did for me. There were a pointed hat with a long white veil, a long dress in a beautiful blue-grey satin with some pieces of silver garland sewed all over to make it bright. I really thought I was a fairy, someone...

What do you feel about?

23 Jun
what do you feel about
Sometimes it’s hard to stay connected with your inner strength. Living isn’t an easy thing, especially when all around you seems to turn bad. You don’t love you anymore: this tummy is too big, your body too heavy, too soft, too fat, too… everything actually! Your hair isn’t long enough, your skin isn’t light… You...