Open your wings

12 Jul
open your wings
As hard it can be, try to imagine you living in a different way. Ok, I can hear you thinking “easy to say, not easy to do”. Yes, you’re right. You must work to pay taxes, food, schools, and so on. But I would like you to try though: what would you be or do...

Happiness is magic!

29 Jun
happiness is magic
When I was young, I did like a fairy costume my grandmother Antoinette did for me. There were a pointed hat with a long white veil, a long dress in a beautiful blue-grey satin with some pieces of silver garland sewed all over to make it bright. I really thought I was a fairy, someone...

What do you feel about?

23 Jun
what do you feel about
Sometimes it’s hard to stay connected with your inner strength. Living isn’t an easy thing, especially when all around you seems to turn bad. You don’t love you anymore: this tummy is too big, your body too heavy, too soft, too fat, too… everything actually! Your hair isn’t long enough, your skin isn’t light… You...

Empty your closets!

15 Jun
empty your closets
Here in the south of France, spring is beautiful, warm and full of promises: summer will be nice! But after a glance at my closets last we, I’ve noticed that I wouldn’t go through the summer season with things that don’t fit me anymore. The time has come to clean my life, so I must...

Deathless, he used to say…

3 Jun
deathless he used to say
This is a day after a special day, you know one of these days you’d like to forget for the rest of your life. Nevertheless, it has changed all inside and around me since. So now, time has come to make a balance sheet. I’m on that move today, nine years after a Big Bang...

French seduction: an inimitable style!

1 Jun
french seduction an inimitable style
Who, in the whole world wouldn’t like to know something about the standard of the french seduction? Every time I go out of the French border, I meet someone who asks me many questions about that, and wants me to answer without any lie. Each time it ends the same: “french are inimitable”, says the...

Time to live different: slow down!

18 May
time to live different slow down
Hello my Dear World’s Friends! Since when have you been happy, simply happy? If ever you ask this question to yourself, you’re at the good place to get an answer. Because in front of the wild range of informations, anyone can be lost. So there is not only one answer, but as much as there...