Little chronicle of an ordinary time

14 May
little chronicle of an ordinary time
Went from bed early this morning, maybe because of the timer I forgot to unplug before sleeping last night… After a while asking me what day it could be, I got it wasn’t a working day… “Lucky me!” I thought. I felt very happy. Simply happy. A cup of my favourite perfumed black tea, a...

Friendship can hurt sometimes

29 Apr
friendship can hurt sometimes
Some of us can be disappointed by the attitude of an old good friend at a time when we need to be supported, helped or simply heard. Why? Why this loved and cherished person goes just right now? When did that relationship start to turn sadly? “What did I do bad?”is the phrase that comes...

Think less, feel more!

10 Apr
think less feel more
I can hear you say “what’s the hell with thinking? Thinking is the way to get freedom, to move on, to learn, to be aware, to… everything!” So you’re right! But when is it time to stop thinking and start to use our intuition? How to manage both? Then after miles of readings about this...

Hoping leads to optimism!

29 Mar
hoping leads to optimism
Open a newspaper, listen to the radio or watch at the breaking news on the TV or on the web: everywhere you are told that the whole world turns into destruction, that everything goes bad. Then you feel worse. So what? Is your life better to know that? No. You are losing your faith, your...

Angels blow little nothings of happiness

16 Mar
angels blow little nothings of happiness
You know this kinda day that starts badly and turns crazy? And finds you on your knees at the end of that f… day? How many times did you swear that you should have stayed in bed instead getting a toe finger out? How many times did you ask The Good Lord about your faults,...

Kindness is the new chic!

10 Mar
kindness is the new chic
Is kindness a new brand? I mean being simply kind and fair play with people around us gives you a beautiful identity: at work, with family or friends, you can be told as someone kind. For sure, it sounds so special, so far from your dairy life, that some can be surprised and or are...

Light up your life!

4 Mar
light up your life
Sometimes in the darkness of your disappointments and sufferings, you feel lost, as you were strangers in a wild world. These times can be hard to live, so very often you wonder whether you’ll see any light again. But did you ever feel the magic coming into your life when everything seemed to be broken,...