Valentine’s day for us, singles

9 Feb
valentine day for us singles
Ah, my dear world friends! For many of us, this day is coming up without any promises of a lover. So, as the best question is always followed by the best answer, I must say that mine has been this one (I swear it has taken many weeks up to now to find it out!):...

Do you ask?

7 Feb
do you ask
It’s been the question of a good friend of mine, a few years ago. We were at the tennis park, drinking a fresh glass of water after a set. I didn’t know what to reply. She just looked at me, smiling, waiting for something else than the usual explanation:”got no time”, “don’t think about doing...

Pascale’s 5′ off

31 Jan
pascale 5 off
This is a new and great experience to launch a blog, and I hope everything will turn better within a month. I’m working hard to make you happy and comfortable with it! I’m not alone to do it, I’ve got Sacha who gives me lots advises and helps me to finalize the blog. I’m thankful...

Become a HappinesShaker!

22 Jan
hapiness shaker
I’m very thankful to you being here! This is the first time I’ve got a blog, this experience is absolutely great. I really hope that you’ll enjoy reading my articles and share them with people around you. A lot of women and men are very touched by the lack of time in their way of...