Pascale’s 5′ off

31 Jan

This is a new and great experience to launch a blog, and I hope everything will turn better within a month. I’m working hard to make you happy and comfortable with it!

I’m not alone to do it, I’ve got Sacha who gives me lots advises and helps me to finalize the blog. I’m thankful because I couldn’t have started this blog without him (I’m not an IT specialist, but he is!).

So here I am, on this Sunday’s evening: I’ve got a Facebook account and a Twitter one ready now, and I’m going to add soon YouTube and Pinterest. I’d like to share and exchange with you a maximum of recipes of happiness. I really think that anybody could use my blog without a specific knowledge of the IT world.

This is why I go slowly: I want you to be at ease with my blog, so I do my best for you!

I really hope you’ll find here a lot of recipes to be happier in life. And one which has been good this week for one of my best friends Pascale was to learn to take five minutes a day for her, exclusively: no phone, no kids around, nothing nor nobody that could have destroyed her “bubble of light” as she calls it.

In Friday’s evening when we were celebrating the 15th birthday of her daughter, she told me: “I’ve given my kids the best of me since they’re born, so now it’s my turn. I just need to slow down and take a few minutes a day for me only. I don’t do anything during those five minutes, and I measure how it’s fine doing nothing at all. I had forgotten the emotion to feel free!”

She wants to add a few minutes each week up the time she’ll get a full hour for her after a day working. Is it a sin? Is she wrong? She just wants her own part of freedom, a time where she can put on anything that makes her happy. For the moment, her luxury is to do nothing. But she told me she would like to learn how to meditate. She thinks she needs to slow down to be happy and make better choices in her life. “Time is eating me, she said, then I just want to stop it and feel alive again, not to be a slave anymore”.

Five minutes a day… Could you try it? Only five minutes a day for you: no phone, no TV, nobody around, no duty. Just you for you. You could think, dream, look at you in the mirror, look at the sky or at a beautiful painting, eat a piece of a cake, an ice-cream on the old rocking-chair… choose by yourself! But you may have the feeling to be at peace, happy and in harmony with the World.

To make your “bubble of light”: imagine a light inside out your body. It’s like a bubble that has surrended you, so you feel protected by. You feel fine. Your mind is invaded by this beautiful light, very peaceful. Now, stay in that mood five minutes. This is a gift from you to you. Be happy. You deserve it.



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