Smiling gets you happier!

14 Aug

“Why do some people grumble constantly?”

That’s the question my best friend asked me a few days ago. I had no idea about that, because it  depends on the people themselves, situations, culture and many other factors. But I just answered that each person had to find it out, into their heart. The way people deal with their emotions and feelings is personal and correlated with their past, so their present life. Then she said it was hard to get a distance between her strong feelings and herself, so she thought everybody was in the same case. She was right. However, we’re all able to learn how to get down our emotional level. Ok, it takes time, but it ends to work out.

However, people who grumble aren’t exactly in the same mood: they’re very pessimistic, they don’t want to see things under their best angle. Besides, they really think life is a fight, something that brings the worst whatever they do. Useless to say these people are numerous and they intoxicate others. Have you tried to spend more than an hour with a grumbled person? How did you feel after you left? Certainly sad, unhappy, with no energy, with a low vibration… maybe were you angry too? So you haven’t understood things immediately. But the next time you’ve crossed the way of that person, you suddenly felt so uncomfortable that you excused you’re on the rush before that killjoy started to talk.

So what have you learnt from that experience?

You’ve probably noticed that you wanted to feel fine, happy and keep smiling!

So you plan to avoid all these people who pour their bad mind set out. You want to be optimistic, enthusiastic, and live as best as possible each single second. Good.

Why smiling people live happier? That’s a question everybody wonder, except the people who precisely smile all the time!

It doesn’t mean they’ve got no problem in their life, but they just see things under a new angle, more positive (read again my post “Things seen in a different light”). But they’ve noticed they attract more positive people in being smiling and easy going themselves. The law of Attraction says so: the way you are (think, act), you attract the same. So positive people are surrounded by others like them. They live as if everything could get a way, even it’s not the best one. By that way of doing, thinking and being, their vibe is high, their inner power strong and they don’t want others to have any mercy on them. They use to solve their issues by themselves, so they really trust their inner power.

Smiling is their biggest arm against adversity. They don’t exist without knowing what happens around them, so in any part of the world, but they want to keep in mind how they can change their vision of it. They do think they’re able to contribute to change the world itself. They’re not necessarily peace ambassadors, nor ecologists, but some people with a big idea about love, about being fair with themselves.

Concerning the well-being, smiling allows you to ease off. Your blood pressure is better, you sleep well at night and your daily occupations go easily. No need to eat lots of pills, neither to get a special diet to be happy. Smiling brings the best out of yourself!

So give a chance to be happier, smile as often as possible!



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