I swear, I love u!

3 Oct

This is certainly the most widely spoken words in the world. They could be the most beautiful too. But they’re not. As soon as someone says so to another one, it sounds like a lie. Maybe because of the verb… I swear… why for? Does this person need to convince me? What do they try to hide? So thinking about the use of some expressions, I just want to talk about one or two things, in the aim to give a chance to the truth, whatever the consequences may be!

  • “I swear, I love you”. Translate: I did something bad, but now I know you’re the best person for me”. Useless to say, you should reconsider your relationship.
  • “You’re perfect for me”. Translate: “I didn’t find out yet, someone more beautiful, smart, rich, famous -circle the right answer(s)- than you”. I hope you’re not too proud.
  • “I’ve got no sex with my ex (wife/husband) anymore”. Translate: “I shouldn’t, but sometimes, I’ve got sex with my ex, just to remember some good old days”. Useless to say their ex is still in their mind.
  • “My kids are my priority”. Translate: “Not sure you’re going to hook me, hon”. I hope you see this person as a sex friend only.
  • “I want to feel free”. Translate: “Don’t plan anything with me, I’m just having fun with you”. Useless to say it’s going to be hard to build a lasting relationship.
  • “I’ve got no money”. Translate: “I’m not ready to spend it for you”. I hope you’ve got a B plan.
  • “I’m not sure to be happy with you in my life”. Translate: “I met someone else”. Useless to say, you must not get any regret: this person is really not made for you.
  • “You’re an angel, you’re a perfect person, but I leave you”. Translate: “I’m bored with you”. I hope you’ll remember the words of “angel” and “perfect person” when you’re getting sad. It’s not your business if this person doesn’t look like you.
  • “I’ll never split up my marriage”. Translate: “You can’t get more than sex with me”. Useless to say you’re wasting your time, dear.
  • “I’m not happy in my marriage anymore, so I swear I’m going to divorce one day”; Translate: “I’m bored with my wife/husband, but a divorce will make me end completely broke”. Hope now, you know this person as a cheapskate.
  • “My job is the most important in my life”. Translate: “I’ve got no time to waste in travels, restaurants and holidays; time is money!” Useless to say you’re not going to have fun with them.
  • “I want to have kids with you”. Translate: “Time to plan my life, so why not with you?” Hope you want to do it too.
  • “My mother is my best friend”. Translate: “I can’t do anything without her agreement”. Useless to say, you’re going to fight constantly against a witch, ready for anything to protect her big baby.
  • “My hobbies are vital for me”. Translate: “I’ll not stop them to spend more time with you”. Hope you’ve got lots of hobbies as well.
  • “I hate liars”. Translate: “Everyone lies, so I do it more than others”. Useless to say you’re going to live in an alternate universe along them.
  • “My boss is an asshole”. Translate : “I want their job, so I could kill for”. Hope you’ll never be their boss.
  • “I use to be with women/men much younger than me”. Translate : “When I watch you, I understand I’m getting older, so I can stand it”. Useless to say that hopefully, some people think differently.
  • “I feel fine with you”. Translate: I’ve got good sex with you, that’s the main thing”. Hope you share that point of view, hon.
  • “My last relationship was two months ago”. Translate: I’ve got no sex since two years, which makes me ashamed and starving”. Useless to say the next two months will be hot and exhausting for you.
  • “Falling in love makes me ache”. Translate: “I don’t want to commit with anybody”. Hope you want the same at the moment.
  • “Women/men are all the same: all bitches/sons of a bitch”. Translate: “I’m so angry against my previous lover, that I’ll make the next one pay”. Useless to say you should get this person as a familiar face, no more.
  • “I don’t deserve you, you’re too good for me”. Translate: “I prefer bitches (asseholes) like me, only”. Hope you’ll forgive them to tell you the truth, for once.

There are many other examples like those above. One thing is coming in my mind: why saying the truth is so hard? We all lie a day or another to show our best side, so what for? Wouldn’t it better to be just who we are, I mean an imperfect person? Because it would make us understand we can try to work on our failures, doubts and flaws. It would drive us to a consciousness of our mission on earth, so to our path. Then it would help to meet the best people made for us.

I’m not judging the people who lie all the time. I just want to report the fact that they lie to themselves too, which prevents them from changing for better. But I can’t deny that sometimes, a liar just wants to have a hold on someone. So in that case, you have to be careful, and ask yourself the best questions: what kind of person faces me? What have I got to do? How to protect me against that person?

Hope you have liked that post. Useless to say you can lie to me!



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