Thank you, my readers!

9 Oct

The last week, I did a wrong handling on my website, thus it has been out of order for two days. I’ve been so upset to have broken my favorite toy, that I measured how much I liked it, so how much you, my readers, were important to my eyes.

I’ve got my own website, where my blog is, so the whole is hosted by a famous and very good specialized website. It’s was not their fault, but just mine.

Then my two awesome and lovely webmasters have found out the issue and have repaired my website. Thank so much to Sacha who has created it from A to Z, and to J-C, who is always there to get me off from any problem I may encounter with any software or with computing. I really can say that my website exists thanks to them. Sacha and J-C are my friends, two very important people for me, and so lovely that I can tell you I’m very lucky to get them in my life.

That experience made me understand something very wonderful: I do like our weekly date, each Monday when my post is sent and read by all of you. I spend so many hours to writing and translating into French each of them, that I feel like a mother with her child: I’m very protective, very invested in my motherhood!

After more than a year spent writing my posts, I can tell you that it brought me a great happiness and a maximum joy. I’m proud to get readers from the whole world. I just can say that each week, I try to do my job as best as possible, seriously and with passion.

Now, I know what my path is made of: writing for all kinds of people on earth, with the aim to pass them on how to be more self-confident, to grow hope. So if I were a very famous author, I wouldn’t be happier than I am, now. Helping my readers to go to their own path, to happiness and gratefulness seems to be the main motivation when I’m writing.

When I read your comments, I can see how much you like my posts, and how much my writing help you, despite my poor English and grammar. My blog is sentenced to go further, to increase its readers and find some new tools to be better. I’m thinking about it. It’s not so easy because I’ve got a full-time working for a living that doesn’t allow me to get enough free time; but my angels help me to change it for better, so I trust them. I know I’ll succeed; it’s a matter of time-management.

So my dear HappinesShakers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much to be there, to read and comment my posts, to like my blog, to talk about it around you, to ask me for some new topics, or for adding more about some of them.

I’m grateful to get you in my life.


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