Valentine’s day for us, singles

9 Feb

Ah, my dear world friends! For many of us, this day is coming up without any promises of a lover. So, as the best question is always followed by the best answer, I must say that mine has been this one (I swear it has taken many weeks up to now to find it out!): “what could I do on this special day almost made for lovers?”

Here’s my recipe for that day considered as a terrible one by those who are single!

All this week long, it’s been difficult for your eyes to avoid all those red hearts in every shop during this week! So how do you feel? Are you sad, angry, disappointed, etc? Or do you think about a way to ward off this bad day, only made for whose who get the chance to be two?

Be honest, you feel everything of that! You first have been sad, then you’ve decided to go with this flow of love around the World! And in this last case, you’ve been right! It’s been what I did too!

On my side, the D-day approaching, I called up my single friends (males and females) to take the temperature: will they move somewhere on next Sunday? Will they do something special? Do they plan to get some homework?… They all replied the same: “I’ll stay at home, watching at the TV, and eating lots regressive stuffs by waiting for the end of that stupid day!”

At this time of the week (Tuesday: D-5!), I perfectly know I’ve got to do something for all of them, for me, for whose who feel unhappy, alone in their corner! I’ve decided to get all of them for lunch, on Sunday! Then I called them up again early this morning, and launched my offer…

What do you think they said?

They’ve all been so enthusiastic, so happy, that I felt I’ve made the best choice! So I’m now happy as well!

On next Sunday, for the Valentine’s Day, my single friends and I are going to share a good time around a table! They’ll all bring up something made at home or a good bottle of french wine, and I’m sure we’ll get a wonderful day! All together.

Being single doesn’t mean nobody wants to love you… Sometimes it may be a time you need to understand things in your life; a time that you tame to be single; a time to slow down… Anyway this day is made to be shared with friends too!

I wish you a happy “no Saint-Valentine’s Day”!



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