What’d you just say, Jane?

18 Sep

“I feel very uncomfortable when my emotions are too strong, so I can’t put a distance between my mind and body and them. I don’t know what to do to change it. Do you think everybody lives the same?”

That’s the question my best friend asked me a couple of months ago. I just answered the matter depends on the people themselves, their situation, their culture and many other factors.

But everyone is able learn how to put a distance between their emotions and themselves. Ok, it can take a while, but it works out.

Something happened which is not a good news: your car broke down at the worst time of your life, so you’ve got no money to make it repaired. And of course, you can’t do anything without your car: go to work, drive the kids at school, do some food shopping, etc. What are you doing now? Women can have tears drop on their face, so generally men raise the roof. In both ways, they’re angry, and they wonder what to do.

So first, ask your guides and angels. They’ll bring you soon the solution by a friend, a neighbor, a colleague. So a good idea, too.

Secondly, you may change your vision of yourself: breathe deeply, and imagine the car breakdown to be mended. So remember you have done a lot of very difficult things during your life, and you’re still alive. Be confident. You must trust your inner power.

Third, relax: nobody is able to think under stress. Your emotional level has to get down, so keep quiet.

Fourth, you’re a Warrior of Light, so the Divine is going to help you. Don’t doubt.

Fifth, that issue is going to make you understand something. It may be the way you deal with it, about people around you, about the fact you’re tired and need to slow down at work. Thinking about that, gives you an opportunity to know some things have to be changed for better.

Anyway, what you live, talks about you. The road you’re driving on is not the best one now: you have something better to do. The car, like your home, talk about yourself, I mean your mind and body. So ask yourself what you have to do to live as best as possible. The problems you may get with your car talk about something you’re not aware of: the wheels talk about your feet: where are you walking on? The motor, about your energy; is it broken? You miss the energy. The radiator, about your emotional level: overheating, you’re on a too high emotional level, if it is out of order, you don’t care enough about people around you, or about your well-being. There are many other examples to make you realize you need a bigger anchorage or you need to make a balance between your mind (spirituality, the connection with higher souls) and your body (the Earth, the material).

What’d you just say, Jane? Everything we’re living teaches us how to move on?

Yes, I did.

And of course, the best way to learn, is to put a distance between our emotions and what happens. Nothing is useless. Sometimes, we wonder why we’re doing something stupid like empty our closets, but a year later, we understand that it was to let get in someone new, like a baby, or a lover. Things appear like enigmas sometimes, but we all have to trust the Divine: each thing is going to find its right place one day or another.



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