What’s wrong with me?

4 Dec

Everybody would have asked that question, one day or another. Sometimes it seems things went so bad that they consider themselves as a loser, or responsible of what happened. It’s difficult to get out of this vicious circle when you feel ashamed or full of many toxic thoughts. You’d like someone to help you, but you can’t say a word as your mind is invaded by guilt and your heart is about to explode in thousands pieces.

There are a lot of reasons to feel bad in many circumstances of life, however the way you see them can give you the answers you need to go through the issues. I repeat the same in each of my posts: thinking positively, being grateful for the experience (especially if it’s a bad one), bring you the energy and the courage you need to sort out the problems.

When you feel proud and brave, the resilience starts on, so you get more self-confidence. You come into a virtuous circle which helps you to treat one problem after another. You don’t feel ashamed anymore because you’re in the action of doing. You’re on your way to break free from the bad self-esteem you’ve got before.

Maybe you don’t see what I mean, so you just think it’s easier to say than to do. Life is made of many experiences from which we are supposed to grow up. Learning is the best way to move forward and live as best as possible. When you’re connected with your inner power, your intuition, strong and valuable, leads you to solve any issue.

I tell you something: when things don’t go easily, just give up. The solution you’ve got is not the one you need. So you have to see the issue under a new angle and try another solution. So you may do it, up to the time you’ll feel that things really set up at their place.

That tip can help you at any time, for anything. The more you trust your inner power, the more you’re able to solve any problem and moreover to avoid lots of those which could happen.

I meet a lot of people during a year who could live better if ever they’d just try to change the vision they’ve got of themselves. It’s so bad to see some of these people drown when they could go on and be happier, just with a little more self-esteem. So to get back your’s, there are 5 tips to remind:

1/ Be indulgent and patient with yourself: go step by step. So each step climbed must be seen as a victory.

2/ Repeat out loud you’re a winner. So you’ll consider the issues as challenges, not breaks nor things you can’t overcome.

3/ Think and talk about your issues positively, as if you’ve been ended with them since a long time. It’s the best way to get self-confidence and keep your mind at peace.

4/ Be sure you’re at the right place. You’ve got something to understand before going further: the way you deal with an issue teaches something about yourself, so what you’ll have to do more to succeed.

5/ Remember everything you have done in the past, so be proud of yourself. The person you’re now is due to these past experiences, what they’ve brought to you, and almost all, what they have changed in your life.

Kindness is the most powerful way to find yourself as a good person, especially when you think the contrary. So if you take care of yourself, if you pay attention to your feelings and emotions, you’ll be able to do your best. You can’t feel at ease with yourself by being rough and uncompromising, full of anger or bad thoughts. Each day, you have to be kind and indulgent with yourself, thinking you’re on the way to become as best as possible.



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