What’s your reflection?

19 Feb

Each person is different from one another, but we all think the same: what part of us is meant to be attractive? Some want to be loved for who they really are, others want to give a fake image of themselves. In both cases, the person you reflect is seen differently according to as much as people are living around you.

So what have you got to do? What image of yourself do you want to give to others: the best one, or the true one, or an idealistic version of yourself?

It depends on your aim, actually. How do you want to live the next years? You have to find out the answer to that question, by yourself. Sometimes the truth is hard to get. It’s easier to cheat and not to see ourselves as we really are. But if ever you want to love and be happy the rest of your life, the best is let your emotions to show you what you’re really made of, so who you want to become.

The projection of an impossible you, I mean a version of yourself that exists only in your head, will be a break to meet the people you need to evolve. It’s sad, because your path must be a sum of experiences and lessons, a journey to reach love, an attempt to get a greater soul. When you cheat with yourself, you can’t reach all these beautiful emotions which are supposed to bring you joy, happiness and peace. But the worst is you’re not honest with others either.

The way others see you is not your business. You must consider that your own judgement only matters. There will always be some people to love you whoever you are, so you don’t have to disguise yourself.

Don’t be ashamed not to be the perfect person you’ve dreamt of in the past. Nobody has to be the greatest, or to reach the perfection. It’s not the reason we came down and live on Earth. We just have to grow seeds of love, and forgive ourselves for all we’re not yet. We’re moving to accomplish something more interesting than being arrogant or egotistic.

Do you like your reflection in the mirror? Do you like who you are? Because the answers could help you to change something if ever it needs. In anyway, the true you in all their imperfections will ever be better than a fake version of you. How do you want people really get you, when the image you’ve got of yourself is not the true one?

As far as I remember, all the cheaters I’ve met in my life have paid the full price one day or another. Lies are not useful when you’re not scared of what people think of you. You perfectly take the responsibility to show others who you really are. This is the best way to get a very beautiful social life.

So now, be proud of your reflection in the mirror. You’re not perfect, ok, but you certainly are loveable, funny, attractive or kind in the eyes of someone. Let people know you and love you as you are. You might meet the true love on the way, as well!



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