Would the Paleolithics have played guitar?

1 Mar

As far as I remember my history courses at school, something called the young and carefree pupil I was at that era: did the Paleolithic people had any reason to laugh and mostly to be happy? I can hardly imagine how rough and terrible could have been their life, if ever the word is the best: what kind of “life” when it was such a fight to stay alive? We never wonder how did they do to survive in some very hostile lands, with fear in them, starving most of the time, running many miles each day for food.

Well, millions years later, their gift is ours now. Because they likely laughed out loud, learnt to grow a smile inside, and approached the taste of happiness, we can do the same now. We could be more grateful to them, because we are genetically programmed to feel joy and love. Happiness is burnt in our DNA, in an archetypal way.

Would the Paleolithics have played guitar?

Imagine a tribe of some cute savages, or kinda, living in a very hostile country with no name yet. There are grandpa, grandma, uncle CrazyBee, auntie ArtyHair, daddy The Brain, mummy BusyDesigner, their three kids: PieceOfWood, SunnySky, LiliTheLeave. They find out a guitar behind a big tree with no name yet as well. What do you think they can do with it?

They sing. Well, in a sense, singing wouldn’t be exactly the word… they pretty growl of pleasure : it doesn’t smell the rotten meat, it’s beautiful, a bit strange and it makes a sound. LiliTheLeave, the youngest of the tribe and also the smartest, knows at once what to do with the strings, and begins to sing. The others, very happy to hear from a such nice thing that’s not a bird shouting out because is about to be eaten nor a savage pig swearing it’s no a pig, but an eccentricus dinosaurus disguised in a pig, the others I said (do you follow?) sit around the fire in the cavern, and start to roll some eucalyptus leaves to be smoked. Peace is over here for a while, nobody wants to eat someone for once, so the tribe next the corner can sleep well. The neighborhood is quiet. Everything is peaceful, so this place of the world appears as the first sign of civilisation. Music makes them softly happy. Singing makes them feel the very strong emotion of joy. At a time, auntie ArtyHair starts to dance (moving should be better), and this is a new thing coming up: the place to be is born! Neighbors wakened by this unusal sound knock at the wall of rock, put their arms down and come into the cavern to dance with our gentle tribe. The first party of all times starts on this little cavern with a fire at its center, and nice music played on a guitar.

Who said the Paleolithics didn’t like the music?

So next time your tribe is about to turn into destruction or if ever your neighbors get angry because of any reason, please find a guitar and give happiness and peace to everybody around you!



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