‘Xmas season drives me crazy, you too?

22 Dec

Each ‘Xmas, it is the same: what to offer as gifts to everybody, so what to eat, and how to get time enough to be ready for everything? In a word as in hundred: ‘Xmas drives me crazy!

I’ve got a full time working. At home, I do a lot of home repairing, I cook, tidy up, clean up, which takes a lot of time. I also need to go to my fitness club though, just to move my body and feel fine. ‘Xmas is coming up, but I’m not ready: I’ve got any presents to buy yet, so I miss time to go to sport. I know what to cook for ‘Xmas, but I’m afraid not to get time enough for the food shopping. I’ve taken a day off last week, just to decorate my home and the ‘Xmas tree… I’m overbooked at work… ‘Xmas isn’t here yet that I feel exhausted. How to turn things positively now?

If ever you’re in the same case than me, here are some tips that will help you to go through the ‘Xmas season:

1/ Write the name of each member of your the family (or your friends) on as much as pieces of paper you need. Then put them all in a jar, and each member must draw a paper. Each of you gets only one paper, which means only one gift to offer, the one for the name written on.

By doing that, there are no wasting time and money and no crisis: one gift per a person means too that everybody will get their’s. This way of doing has been told me last year by a shopkeeper. It was too late to change my plans, but I promised myself to do it next ‘Xmas.

2/ Two days before ‘Xmas, go and make the food shopping. It’s not useful to do it a long time ago for three reasons: firstly, prices are lower just before the ‘Xmas’ Day; secondly, there are not a lots of people at the supermarket because they have done their food shopping many weeks ago; and thirdly, your fridge is empty, ready to get all that ‘Xmas food!

3/ Take some time for yourself the day before you cook the ‘Xmas dinner (or lunch). You need to feel happy and rested. So have a long bath, listen to your favourite music, read a book or call up a friend for a short chat. You’ll be more relaxed the D-day! You can decorate the table on the evening; it will be done for the ‘Xmas Day. You can also buy a bouquet of fresh flowers to put on your table. In any case, enjoy that time!

4/ The D-day don’t feel nervous. You must be relaxed to cook the meal and prepare the pastry. So keep concentrated: nothing or no one has to disturb you. Don’t go out, but if you need to buy something you’ve forgotten, ask a friend, or one of your big children to do it at your place. The more you’re cool, the more your meal will be a success.

Keep in mind that ‘Xmas is there to make you happy. Put on a dress (for women), a nice shirt (for men), put up a smile on your face, and keep cool. Whatever you’re going to eat, you’ll do with people who love you and you love as well. I think it’s the most important thing you’ll remember when the ‘Xmas’ season will be ended.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!



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