3 years later!

My blog is three years old now! Thanks to you, my HappinesShakers, this is a success: you’re here, more numerous, day after day. You like my words, my thoughts and my style in the two languages! Thank you all!


Three years after I’ve started my blog, I can make a balance:

  • You do like when I write about you, about your life, and how to fix issues
  • Spirituality is easy to understand when I give you the keys
  • You know how to be (re)connected with your inner power
  • You’re able to pass on the messages you’ve been taught here
  • You’re on your path to find the meaning of your life
  • You’ve forgiven yourself, so others, thanks to the O’oponopono mantra
  • You’re grateful for everything that comes into your life or goes out of your life: this is about an experience!

                                                           So I congratulate you!

I also know you’re doing something special, a bit weird at first sight, when you try to be (re)connected with your inner power. I mean your divine part. People around you see you as if you were mad when you want to talk about that. They roll their eyes and whisper behind your back. Let them do. It doesn’t matter. One day or another, they’ll come back to you, and ask you for a help. You’ll be there. You’ll be ready to pass on what you’ve been taught. So you’ll have to be patient and tolerant with them. Going on the path of the spirituality may take time.

What you’re living is your choice, but you are able to change everything for better. You are the actor of your own life, but you can change the script at any time. Dare to do it, so to take risks. Go out of the schemes written by others than you. So you’ll find out what live and love really is. So you’ll be exactly the person you want to be.

I enjoy writing my posts. It takes a lot of time, but I feel very happy to meet you again, to send you all these words and thoughts. I grow up like you do, slowly, dealing with my best and my worst all the time long. Raising my intuition is the greatest idea I’ve ever had: now, I’m stronger than many years ago, and I never feel alone anymore. My good nature is a help, for sure, but my intuition leads me at every moment of my life, more than I could have expected.

I wish you to be happy, because happiness is a gift. It makes you a smile in the heart; it gives you strength and peace. In one word: it makes you feel alive.


Val -aka Jane kendall-

December, 2019