Be attractive in 5 tips

22 Oct

Most of the people think that an attractive person must be very smart, very beautiful, or very rich, like a movie star, actually. So they wrong. Being an attractive person is just due to a state of mind. It’s easy to do. Let’s see how in 5 tips: What’s an attractive person?

1/ This is someone who considers themselves as a special person. As special, I mean that this kind of person knows who they are, what are their purposes in life, what they want or don’tand gets very strong foundations as a very good family, very good friends. These foundations are made to prevent them from being arrogant or to feel alone when something hard comes over. This is a guaranty that people around them are close whatever happens.

2/ So an attractive person shines. It comes from their inner faith in life, and from their divine part. They don’t control anything, actually. They just have learnt how to become more intuitive, and to be guided by their intuition. So it enlightens their vision of life. They know how to step aside just to see things under a different angle. It changes their state of mind too: they’re optimistic. So when they go through a difficult situation, they try to see it as positively as possible.

3/ So the light inside comes out of their eyes, their body, their way of being at any time. They’re so fine that they always seem happy in life. They’re smiling people, go easy, and they can chat with everybody. They’re not angry. They have no fear either. They don’t have to prove anything to others because they’re just at the right place. They have a high idea of love, of friendship, and family. As their values are very important to them, they drive their life along them.

4/ They take time for themselves, because it makes them happy. They don’t feel guilty to do it. They know how much they need to relax, to rest, or do something they like. They give the priority to their own life, to their purposes, so to all the things they have to work on, to improve, to run, or to create. They’re on their path. This is the reason why they’re living in harmony.

5/ They are creative. So everybody is a creative actually, but most of the people don’t even know it, because they think being a creative person is for the artists only. It’s wrong, of course. When you change something in your way of living, doing, thinking, you’re a creative. When you cook, listen to music, tidy up your home, or wash your car, you’re doing something creative. Being a creative means doing something you use to do so, but differently. There’s no one direction, but many. Each person is able to recreate their life at any time, as everything always moves as well.

Did you look at an attractive person once? What did you notice? What did strike you?

You may have noticed how they feel cool. They’re not in a hurry, whatever happens. They keep calm. They listen to others when they speak. They’re interested in everything around them. They seem to be in love. It seems they always have enough time to do all what they need to, or want to. However, they’re not stupid or naive; they’re just living with consciousness and in harmony.

So everybody can live the same. Remember: it’s a state of mind. Try once, so see what happens. I can assure you that you’ll never want to go back!







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