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avatar jane kendall      Welcome!

      In 2016, I was a couple of years excited to get a blog. I didn’t know how nor when, but the idea I could give some of my recipes of happiness to many people at the same time has driven me into such a happiness that I knew it was the best thing to do.

     I’ve read hundreds miles of literature since I’m a young girl and I confess it helped me in a lot in many bad circumstances in life, sometimes very sad too. So maybe because it has taken a long, long time to grow happiness again in my heart, and because I felt so alone to do it, I’ve decided to pass on what I’ve been taught by my experiences.

     For these last five years, I’ve read a lot about self-development. Gradually I became the coach of my family members, some of my friends or colleagues. The idea of having my own blog came over when I understood that it could be fine to exchange some happiness recipes with most of people on Earth.

      On the eve of 2020, I can make a very positive balance of all my post brought to me. I like words, their articulation in the sentences, the emotions they spark. I like writing in English, then translating my posts in French. I like to pass on what the world teaches me, what life teaches me about the world, others, and so about me. However, I deserted my blog for this year, so I beg my reader to forgive me. I had some things to do, to think about, and to create in my own life. Writing is probably the shape of creating that suits me best. I needed to change my way of writing my novels, to go out literature, so to create something new. I needed some time to do all that.

     In my life, there is always a creative phenomenon that asks for nothing, but gives all. This is how the idea of getting back my name for my blog has sprouted. I really liked to travesty in Jane Kendall, because this aka had no incidence in my life. I could feel free to write about a topic I didn’t dare to bring up in my novels: the spirituality. So then I wasn’t a writer anymore looking for a publisher. There was not that expectation of the verdict that falls inexorably: your manuscript wasn’t retained. Being Jane Kendall allowed me to get it was possible to get around obstacles. Writing was the more important to me. I had the opportunity to offer to the world what the publishers refused to me.

     I’m going to write my post again. I don’t know when or how often. But I like the idea you’ll be waiting for them, you’ll read them, so they’ll make you feel fine. They will be different, more focused on daily life, the rants as the small pleasures, so the way spirituality helps us to live them.

    This blog is an experience. It is modular, adjustable, and definitively open on life. Yours’s, theirs’s, mine. Express yourself, comment, leave your imprint. This blog must be what we all like it to be, but almost all, a space of joy and love. Help me to pass on some recipes of happiness to all the people who desire to change their life for better and so to make a smile in their heart grow again.


Val -aka Jane Kendall-

December, 2019