The divine masculine/the divine feminine

11 Jun

Post translated from the video of Gabrielle ISIS (link below).

More than 8 000 years ago, there was a kind of matriarchy through the worship of the Goddess creative of everything, and with respect for all the natural laws. There was harmony on Earth, despite the fact that women had the power on men. They were able to decide everything. So matriarchy has revealed also its dark side: men were just good to make children and physical works.

Then the humanity has turned into patriarchy: men took the power and became the masters of the world, revealing the darkest side of the masculine. They dominated women in violence, with a warrior mind. They had the material power, the control, and used women as domestic slaves, laying hens, and sexual preys.

Now, this is the big comeback of the feminine values: softness, compassion, love. It means all the things around the heart. This is the comeback of the Goddess, the divine feminine.

This is not the comeback of matriarchy as far, but only the creation of a balance between masculine and feminine energies. The divine feminine must break free, to help and heal the injuries of the divine masculine.

Everything happens in each of us, because the process of awareness of Earth starts inside us, first. We have to figure out what happens inside, between the divine masculine and the divine feminine, the balance between the left brain and the right one.

This comeback of the divine feminine and the progressive death of the masculine domination bring a lot of questions to men who don’t understand who they are, or what to do anymore. There is a loss of their masculine identity. They see, powerless, the feminine go on, and shine more and more: women meet, join, so stand together. Men don’t know what to do at home, or with their children anymore. They wonder what their role is, now.

This loss of their identity is linked to the fact there is not a lot of divine masculine models in our society, because men are too much conditioned by patriarchy. So, they wonder what does it mean to be a man, what does the society say about it. Does a man has to get big muscles, a big bank account, a career. So does he must help his family for living?

What the divine masculine is ?

The answer is: this is the verticality, the link between the heavens and the earth. This is also to be connected with the solar star, with the elements fire and air. This is the action, the movement, the direction, the goals, so a pillar deeply anchored in the earth.

The divine feminine is unsteady, changing, and needs this pillar, this anchor. The masculine takes inspiration from the feminine and brings it back in the material to be shaped. He structures the ideas, makes them real. The masculine is a builder, an entrepreneur. He sets goals and takes the decisions. He is linked to strength, security, courage, knowledge, wisdom, and responsibility. He’s a peaceful warrior, who has made peace with himself, who has laid down arms and his sufferings, so he goes to the conquest of love. This is the chivalry: the gallantry, the courtly love. The divine masculine allows the feminine to get a safe space, to be opened, and to spread itself in what it is.

Now, men move on. Women may be happy of that. But there are two kinds of men:

  • Those who are too much in their masculine: they are shut themselves off from their emotions, their intuitive part, and their spirituality. So they use their mental, live in the concrete, and the logical only.
  • Those who are too much in their feminine: they are too sensitive, they can’t anchor, grow up, find references, build their own life, and they are hurt children who seek their mother.

So now, men are more and more interested in the open mind. They take the lead to find their self inside, to know who they are. They start to work on themselves, to figure out the sufferings of their childhood. They open their mind to the spirituality.

But the main problem of our society is they’re more condtionned than women by their emotional side : showing their emotions, their vulnerability is seen as a weakness. So when they do it, they go too far in the divine feminine, they dream their life instead of living it, they’re in their imagination, so they forget to anchor in the real life. In front of these men, women are confused: they want well-balanced men, anchored in their divine masculine.

We all have to find a balance between these two parts inside each of us.



To know more about this topic, let watch the perfect videos of Gabrielle ISIS which have inspired this post. A big thanks to her:

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