The Divine Protection: how to activate it?

2 Jul

Since a few days, many people around me want to know how to activate The Divine Protection. I think we’re more and more conscious that the Forces of Light are constantly attacked by the ones of darkness. It’s very hard to bear, so we often feel helpless, even powerless. Going on to our path of life, coming into Light isn’t difficult, but we have to know that the more we get energy and raise our vibration, the more we’re supposed to be robbed it by the powers of darkness (also called “the astral bottom”), very present in all the earthly incarnations we can cross during our life.

Notice that I don’t put a capital letter for the word darkness: it’s deliberate. For me, the capital letter is for Light. It’s a bias.

So, what to do 1/ to stay in Light 2/ not to have it robbed?

You can watch some videos on YouTube, there are plenty and very good ones about it. But it’s difficult to make a choice. So I asked my very nice friend Nicole, a great psychic with many gifts, to tell me her tips. Here are some of the circumstances you could live and the tips to go with.


A/ you’ve just listened to someone who told you their ups and downs, or their issues, on the phone, or face to face (or simply if you feel bad in front of someone, people around you, or after a call):

  • Tell the Divine: “I return their integrity to say the name of this person (or of these people) – and I get mine back. Put – say the same name(s) – in Light”.

B/ you get some negative thoughts, or you’ve watched a shocking scene, very disturbing, or terrible at the tv, or anywhere else, etc.:

  • Say: “Scheme cancelled” or “I ask for the transmuting of these thoughts (or images) in Light “.

C/ you were in a supermarket, a restaurant, or in any crowded place: the negative energies which are coming from all these unknown people may have catch your own energy, and break down your vibration, so you may feel exhausted, even depressed, or angry:

  • Slide your hand from your throat to your solar plexus three times, and say “cut, cut, cut”. Or:
  • Hit your solar plexus with your hand three times, so send these bad energies on the ground.

D/ you are living by car (or someone close), or you have to do something a bit dangerous (Thanks to Caro C. who gave me that pray):

  • Say: “Jesus-Christ above me, Jesus-Christ below me, Jesus-Christ on my right, Jesus-Christ on my left, Jesus-Christ around me, Jesus-Christ inside me. Thank You.”

There are many other tips like that. Personally, I think these ones work very well. There are a lot of circumstances in life when our energy can be robbed, even at distance, so a long time after we’ve met someone; or after a call, an outing, or after we’ve been in touch with many people.

You must take the habit to make your Bubble of Light when you wake up, and before sleeping; that means to put yourself under the Divine Protection. Just ask for it to the Beings of Light, so picture yourself inside your Bubble of Light. It’s as if you were into a transparent bubble whose walls prevent you from being hit by any bad soul. You’re able to see everything, but you’re under its protection.

The magic, as my sweetie Manon says, is something you can set up at any time. The Divine Protection allows you to go on your path with serenity. It’s true that the more we go on to Light, the more we’re supposed to be attacked by the powers of darkness, but we don’t have to feel impressed, or to be scared. Remind that the fears are just an illusion made by your mental, so they feed the astral bottom. But you’re doing everything along your intuition now, aren’t you? 🙂 So you’re a child of Light, and you get no fear at all.

These mantras which have been inspired by my Angels help me a lot. “I am a child of Light”, or “I’m under the Protection of Jesus-Christ”* are perfect when I feel attacked by darkness. They calm down my mind, and take away the powers of darkness.

You can get your own mantras, with your words, your sensitivity, and your hopes. Whether you ask for something, or ask for the Divine Protection, you can create your mantras, in any language.

Some mantras may become prays. I transmit you those I do like to say before sleeping, for my protection and the one for all the people around me. I dedicate it to many other people from my past lives, or even my ancestors as well. Be creative, so expand your mantras to the other human beings, even those you don’t know even, or those who have hurt you. We’re all interconnected, so it’s nice to remind that prays are good for the whole humanity.

So here it is: “Dear Divine, Dear Being of Light, put on my way any good soul, thinking well, caring, and doing good. Thank You”. But you can sum up too with: “Dear Divine, Dear Beings of Light, put on my way some good souls” which is effective too!

Notice “Thanks” that resonates in a very positive way in the whole Universe. Gratefulness is the recipe of happiness. Saying Thank You for what we get yet is the best way to allow the Divine to send you all you’re dreaming of. Yes, I know, it’s magical too! But it’s always time, whatever your age, whatever you’re living, to put some magic in your life!

So another mantra that I just received from Manon: call upon the Goddess Yenna (keeper of Earth) to send you Archangels Gabriel and Mickaël to help you whatever your troubles or issues are.

Finding our own path, fixing some problems must be done in harmony and joy. Always ask for something in that way (a big thanks to Christel F. who will recognize herself, a wonderful person who helped me so much in a recent past).

So to end, I’d like to thank some people very special who help me to go on my path:

Thanks to Nicole who teaches me all about spirituality. Her friendship is a source of happiness and joy in my life. When I think of her, my heart starts to smile! Each time we meet, it’s always refreshing and sparkling like some bubbles of Champagne.

Thanks to Mélanie, Michèle, and Norbert who help me with their gifts to go on to the spirituality. Each of them brings me an invaluable treasure in add with their support: their useful contribution to create a new social network called LOVE.

So thanks to all my Angels (almost to my favorite one!), to all the Beings of Light who inspire me those posts, and everything I can write or I communicate by oral. They are there, caring and full of Love, at each second of my life.



*Jesus-Christ is an Ascended Master; it means He’s a very powerful Being of Light. Call upon His Protection each time you need.

PS: No post during the spring, I have to write my new novel. So next post on September! xx

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