Eadem sed aliter

23 May

I can hear you thinking: “what does that title mean?”.

It’s Latin, and means “the same, but differently”. Today, why do I give this strange title to my first post since a long time without writing any? (Sorry, my dearest readers, was working hard on my novel!). I’d just like you to know a thing or two, about how an experience can be a way to change and become stronger.

Eadem sed aliter. Its sounds so beautiful, so full of promises, hopes and wishes! So you can think too, that life is about repeating things, over and over.

How many times have you dreamt to change your life for better, these years? How many nights have you spent awake just because you were broke, sad, hill, or incredibly tortured by an issue?

How many ways did you get to sort of any of these issues? How long has it taken?

Each time you think about it, you feel amazingly happy it’s over, isn’t it? So do you really think you’re the same person than before? No, you don’t, of course. Something happened that has made you change the way you deal with anything now: your self-confidence. You might have failed. So you didn’t. In your mind, it was quite impossible not to succeed. And still now, you can see how you did trust in you. Nobody could have done it at your place. So you can be proud of you.

What did you learn from these past experiences?

You are the only person who’s able to answer. First, you were the only person who could take the decision to figure out, to fix and to stand up again after a tragedy, a suffering, a very big crash in your life. Secondly, you had to go on.

There are many circumstances in life when you feel alone in front of an issue. It’s good to remind your angels are all around you, ready to offer their help by sending you an old friend, a relative, a colleague, or simply someone you’ve just got acquainted with. Sometimes, the Universe brings you exactly what you need to go forward. So the strength not to end up drowned. Being confident is the most important ever. You have to be sure your intuition is always leading you for the best, as if it was an elder bro or sis who’d give you their hand.

Life asks you to rewrite your book many times. Finally, it’s always the same story: yours. Characters, situations, eras and countries may change, but it’s always about you and your life. What may be different, is the way you manage the worst and the best. Each time something happens, bad or good, you’re learning something about you, about the way to go on your own path.

That’s why it’s so important to know you spend your entire life to start again, to go on, to stop, everything, at every time. As time goes by, the look at yourselves changes, giving you the possibility to explore your mind, to be indulgent and tolerant with yourselves and others. So the most interesting is to know that it’s always the same, but differently.



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