Give & receive: a good match!

29 Sep

Today, I’d like you to think about the way you consider yourself most of the time. You do a lot for many people around you, you may have a very busy work, so a home, and thousand duties like millions human beings all over the world.

So where are you?

Where are you when you’re helping someone?

When you’re doing something right and fair?

When you’re giving an advice to a dear friend?

When you take some time for your relatives?

When you’re working hard?

When you’re dreaming of a better life?

When you worry for someone?

I tell you: you’re here, in a deep and wonderful connection with your heart. You’re not lost, you’re just here, in the best version of yourself. Your heart beats love, thinks love, wants love. All you do around love is your best side, your inner self. So that’s great.

Look at these people who can’t live in the same way. They seem very depressed, or stressed, and selfish. They don’t understand the more they would give to others, the more they would got in return. Giving to others is the best way to feel sane, happy, and at the right place. But in the mind of these selfish people, there is a bug: they tell you “of course, I’m generous”, because they don’t even know what being generous means. They think they are.

How to help a selfish to change?   

Sorry, you can’t. Nobody can’t. You just have to go away. Why? Because their inner self made of fear, revenge or anger prevents them to move on with confidence, love and happiness. They consider themselves as a victim, so everything they do, think or plan is made to build a wall between them and others.

The best for them is to be aware they need to change their state of mind. So their vision of others. They see the world as a big war between them and others. They want to win each battle. So they’re ready for everything to win.

Sorry, but in front of this kind of person, you’re dead. Your generosity, your way of sharing is going to be taken off with no chance to come you back. Your best side, your heart, has been captured by them.

You think you have lost your money, your time, even more. You understand you have been manipulated. You think you have been wrong.

Ok. Except for the last phrase: you haven’t been wrong. You were at the right place, centered into your heart, so sincere. You have used your best to be, to do, or to give along your true nature. Don’t regret anything. You’re a good person. But, please, get off from your addressbook all these people who want something from you and don’t give you the same: you’re wasting the best of yourself.

Giving and receiving raises the energies. This exchange makes energy turn around people, so help them for everything. Life is made of any kind of exchanges. Don’t underestimate the power of them. This is an incredible one, a big current around the world that raises the energy of the earth too. We, as human beings, have to be aware of it. Recently, the earth has turned into the fifth dimension. So our inner dimension is increasing too, and helps us to get how much the process of giving/receiving is a very big value for the humanity.

Stop being naive too: people who don’t want to share anything with you may not be your friends. They are just using your precious kindness to get something from you. Don’t waste it for them. Practice the exchange give/receive only with people ready to do the same with you.





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