The heart is made of love

25 Feb

What’s the hardest thing to bear from others? This is a question that has haunted me a lot. You may have been given a very good education, maybe too strict and severe. But now, you thank your parents because they have given you values, the sense of respect and tolerance. They just wanted you to be a good person. But you’ve been in trouble with others very often: at school, at the Uni, at work, so in your private life. All the people you met didn’t have been given the same education like yours. So some of you, it’s been the hell sometimes.

You probably didn’t dare to react when others hurt you. You were taught to be well educated, patient and tolerant, so to speak well to everyone: to be a nice girl (boy), actually. So you didn’t know what to do when you have been threatened, excluded from a group, victim of a teacher, a colleague, a boss. But one day, you have decided to change that for better.

No need the help of a psychologist or a psychanalyst, but rather need to change your way of seeing yourself, and considering others, so the part they had in your heart/life. Naturally, you have turned to spirituality, as if it were the only way to be helped. So you have changed your state of mind.

How did you proceed? You have learnt many things around spirituality and love, so now you know:

1/ That love is the most powerful arm. Wishing abundance to your enemies is the best way to get them far from you. You’ll be at peace.

3/ To be self-confident: you really are someone nice. Don’t listen to those who want you to think otherwise.

4/ To get no doubt about your connection with the divine power. You have worked hard for that.

5/ To see you as a resilient, not a victim anymore.

6/ To forgive you, so to forgive others as well.

7/ That each person gets their own path. The problems of others are not yours. You may help but not live or solve them at their place.

8/ That being polite doesn’t suppose you should accept anything from others. When they don’t respect you, you have the right to tell them. So you have better to do than being with that kind of people. They don’t deserve you.

9/ To pass on information that may help people around you.

10/ To be a positive person because you get no fear, no doubt and no anger in the heart anymore. Excitement is a ery high power: it drives you far, gives you a creative life, brings you everything you deserve, so joy and happiness.

But almost all, you’re grateful for everything you’ve got in your life yet. If ever you want to change something for better, you just have to ask for it at the Universe, and change yourself a bit your way of thinking or doing. It’s always a win/win deal. So it works out!

So let your heart love!



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