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11 Feb

Hi, my dear readers! I’ve been very busy these last months. I’ve written a new novel, so it has taken all my free time. I had a dead line, so I didn’t want to be late.

So Jane’s posts are coming back, for my pleasure. I know how much some of you wait for my writings, because it brings you some answers, a lot of joy, and more often the pulse to go ahead. This is always a magic time for me to meet you again as well.

Some changes nowadays. First, my posts will be shorter than before (it’s easier to read!). Secondly, I’ll write only two posts a month, because I need more time to write my next novel. Yes, I’m a French writer, but still an unknown one, so I must work hard to be published again. I prefer not to tell you more about it, but I hope I’ll give you my real name, so you’ll be able to read my novels someday.

Not too late to wish you the best for this New Year 2020! I’m sure you’re on your path now, because after having read my posts, other bloggers’ posts, and after having watched lots of video about spirituality, you exactly know who you are. All these benefits you’ve got now may bring you more answers, more fun, and you’re not invaded by doubts anymore.

Having done the hardest, I mean how to reconnect with your inner divine power, you may do everything with no fear of any danger, and almost all, by yourself. The step which consists in building your self-belief and your inside strength has been a very important one.

Remember one or two things:

  • When things go easily, it means you’re aligned with your soul. When it sucks, please, don’t try to go on anymore. Change your plan, your vision, or just wait for a while.
  • If you’re lost, I mean you don’t know how to proceed, ask the divine help. It works out. Your angels are made to help you for everything, at any time. So they always do the job.
  • When you’re in trouble with someone, send them love: it’s the best way to avoid more problems, so to change negative attitudes in positive ones. I know, it sounds weird, but it works out too. Love is the best way to help, to keep your inner power, so to fix any issue.
  • Treat yourself as if you were your best friend. So you’ll become your best friend! You need to protect yourself from negativity, toxic people, and bad or low energies. But you also need to smile to yourself, to dress well, to spend time at peace, in your bubble of light. You must clean your home, your car, your body, your life as often it needs. In some of my posts, you’ve got some recipes to do it.
  • You’re not alone anymore. Your angels are above you, near you, around you at any time. Feel them, hear them, and talk to them. They always answer in a way or another. They send you some signs, the best person at the best time, the best thoughts when it needs. Be aware that you may be in connection with your divine power as you want.

Women and men are made to love. Within a few time, this is the Valentine’s Day. So for those who aren’t in love yet, remember that love is all around you: birds, children, friends or colleagues… Everything may be seen as love when you’re connected with your heart. So don’t worry, the big love will come over again in your life when you’re ready for it. The Universe just waits the right time. Until then, take care of you, so keep on having hopes and dreams for now and the future.




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