Lost? Dive in your heart!

26 Mar

   There are many circumstances in life when you feel sad or disappointed by people around you. I mean those in whom you’re close or think you’re supposed to be someday. But actually, nothing has turned as you’ve expected, so you wonder what you’ve done wrong or what you didn’t see well, don’t you? I tell it you here: please, stop hurting you with these negative thoughts, and be aware you’re on your path to learn something very important in your life.

You came on earth to make some experiences. Some are good, others difficult to live. But in no way, you have to figure them out as breaks. They have been sent you to make a balance sheet between you and the way you could live for better. No matter if you don’t see at once what the benefit of these experiences is. Someday, you’ll get them, so how much they have leaded you to your own path of life.

Dive in your heart, each time you feel lost, each time you don’t know what to do. It may be because of a lover, people at work, or your relatives. You just have to take your time to fix your mental that’s been hurt, as if you were the only person who really knows how to do. Because, it’s true, actually: you only are able to know what you’re made of, what you like or don’t, what you want to be or to do in your own life.

Don’t let anybody tell you that you’re wrong. You could bump into a manipulator who would turn you mad and would destroy you. People around you, even when you feel close to, don’t get the right to tell you what the best for yourself is. Ok, they can give you an advice, their friendship, or help you in case of emergency. But you don’t have to give them more power. It would be too dangerous for you.

You must believe that you are the only person who gets the power. It’s yours, so don’t let anyone think you could share it with them. Who knows better than you what you really feel inside? Who can judge you, so judge the way you live, think, and do, better than you? Each time you share your own power, you give too much importance to one another.

People around you have their own way too, as you. They have to learn their lessons too. Don’t be indulgent with those who want to take your energy. Protect it against them. They’re able to learn how to get it by themselves. You have to be careful and wise: each person on earth may turn things in better by themselves. Even you’re motivated to help people and take care of them, you must do it for yourself first. When you’re strong enough, you’ll be able to help others more often.

The way we all see others differs from our own experiences, our past and our projection of life. So if you’re the kind of person who adapts themselves constantly to others, you’re an empathic which means you do things for others first, and for yourself after. On the contrary, if you always expect something from others, you’re an individualistic, considering yourself as the center of the world. It doesn’t work out either. In each case, you have to adopt a fair attitude: with yourself and with others.

Dive in your heart when things don’t turn as you have expected. Maybe your mental has just taken priority over your intuition. So reconnect yourself with it: ask your heart, it perfectly knows how to lead you.




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