A new name for my blog!

24 Sep

You may notice that the name of my blog has changed. I’ve thought that a short title would be better now. The blog is moving forward, so I try to find some new ideas to help it. Hope you like it so.

After a long time without writing my posts, here I am, ready to give you some tips to move on your path, so to help you to be happier in life. The way you consider things that happen in your life may change your vision of the present, so your future.

Around you, some people seem to be lost in their life. You would like to do something for them, but you don’t know what, so how to start. I tell you here: don’t panic! The best is always easy to do! Tell them simply to:

1/ Put their feet on the ground for a few minutes per a day: the energy of the earth is coming up into them, bringing them strenght and calm.

2/ Listen to a beautiful sound, or a music they do like: it’s good to know that some sounds calm down the mental and get out of them all the toxic thoughts.

3/ Go out: walking is good for everybody. It means to be outside, even it’s raining or windy. The fresh air is good for health and to let the intuitions come over.

4/ Make something creative: cooking, painting, drawing, or even cleaning home, is good to raise their energy.

5/ Call up some friends: they can help to talk about issues, make them laugh, or plan an out-going. This is the best not to feel alone.

6/ Watch some videos about spirituality. Everybody needs to go on that path, and get some information about it. There are a lot of very interesting videos on YouTube, so it’s free.

7/ Reconnect with their inner wishes. If they didn’t get a personal board of visualization yet, it’s time to have one. That helps to know what they want, so to imagine how to reach their aims.

8/ Be grateful: everything is done to make them grow up, to learn lessons of life, so to go ahead. Sometimes it’s hard to be aware of that, especially when things have turned bad. But the lesson is always there: we all have to understand the sense of our own life first, so the big sense the Universe wants us to be aware of.

9/ Treat themselves. Being good with oneself brings a lot of love in the heart. It’s not about being selfish, but rather to be clear with oneself. They also have to get out of their life people or things which are not good enough for them, to be happier, free, and ready to move onto a better way. They don’t have to look back, it’s not useful. Just to make a balance sheet, so to look far ahead.

10/ Give a sense to their values, so fight for them. They don’t have to let others drive their own life. Nobody knows better than them what they are made of. So their ideas, purposes, or wishes are theirs. They don’t have to let others break their dreams.

Till the end of September, think about that year 2 that will end up the last day of December, 2018:

– What kinds of seeds have you plant since the year 1?

– What do you expect for the next year (the year 3) that will start in January?

– What do you need to plant as new seeds before January?

– What did you harvest since the beginning of the year 2?

The balance sheet gives you a huge quantity of information to go on. You may have changed some plans, do some new, but in anyway, your life, your mind, your way of doing have changed for these two last years. Be grateful for the experiences you’ve got. So thank the Universe, and be happy: you’re here, on your path, with a new awareness that helps you to choose what you want to be henceforward. Lucky you!



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