Sorority: women’s network of solidarity

8 Oct

It was just a day like another. Except the fact I’ve had a car crash. A week ago, driving to work, my car got hit. No drama, no one has been hurt, hopefully. I thank my angels.

One of my best friends called me just after the crash. I told her what happened. So she called up our friends to tell them, I called my colleagues on my side. Within a few minutes, it’s been a chain reaction of solidarity. A great and wonderful surge of women started up and brought me comfort.

I know I’m a big girl, but it’s been very nice to all these women to call me up. So things went easily. I was confident, because my friends, my colleagues were around me. It’s made me think about sorority, a word that sounds like an old tune. Women are very special, always ready to help someone, or to be compassionate. Sorority means sisters, the way they’re close from each other and ready to help.

It’s the biggest strength of women: they know how to close ranks against adversity. When something happens to one of them, a big current of solidarity kicks on. Each woman, any where on the earth, needs the help another one: a mother, a sister, a friend, a neighbor, or a colleague. This solidarity is natural.

But I can hear you thinking: some women are just aweful. Very often, women who work as men forget their feminine side. They must fight against men who don’t want to share their power. So they’re obliged to hide their emotions which are considered as weakness. Working is a cruel world for every woman. Men control everything, all the time. So they want to keep this power.

However, women get a massive arm to fight that power: their solidarity. Each woman needs her sisters, one day or another. It offers the guaranty that each woman is ready to help another one in return. That energy of giving/receiving is powerful.

We have to learn how to create a sorority that lasts. Women are completely able to develop a network of solidarity around the world. But first, they have to start it in their own life: at work, at home, anywhere. This way of doing brings a lot of benefits: they don’t feel unsafe or alone any more.

Feelings and emotions are not bigger to the women than to the men. But men don’t like to show them. Women are more at ease with that. They consider them as natural and a source of knowledge of themselves. They want to be aware of what they’re living, and to share what they feel with people they love. They’re just human beings, not robots.

That’s the reason why the world of work is so hard for most of the women on earth. Men think that to keep being competitive and performant, they have to hide their feminine part. It’s just stupid. So what for? A man who cries is still a man, isn’t he?

Boys don’t cry. Girls must shut up. It’s time to change that. That scheme is not good. Men also need to reveal their inner part, full of beautiful emotions and feelings. I’d like to see men showing compassion and tact, respect and tolerance towards women more often. Wouldn’t you?

So we, ladies, have the power to change it for better. Move on that way. Don’t look back (the women who hurt you in the past). Just take the decision to like all other women on the world, whatever they do, whoever they are. Help to create a big network of sorority.  It can change the world for better. It can bring freedom, respect, safety and comfort to all the women who don’t have the chance to know that. It can change their life. Being a woman must not be seen as a drama in some countries.

So next time a woman needs your help, do it, she’ll be touched and grateful. So she’ll do the same for you. Be a sister. Come in the sorority of the 21st century.



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