Spirituality: talk about it!

25 Jun

Since a few years, I pass on every information I’ve got about spirituality. Not because I want to be seen as an expert, but to share them with people who don’t like to open a book, or have no time to go on the web.

We’re all very different and our needs as well. But there is a real interest for the spirituality now. People can hardly say how it started in their life, but they just felt it’s been the moment to go on this way.

I really like to pass on all these precious information that led me on my own path. Sometimes it’s been hard, almost when people looked at me with big eyes probably thinking: “poor Jane, she turns crazy”. But I didn’t care. As time went by, I’ve talked about spirituality only to people who were on the same mood than me. They could ask me any question too.

Still now, I spend a lot of time knowing about spirituality. I watch many videos on YouTube because it’s free and very useful when I need to know something specific. There are hundred videos about everything, so it’s easy to have an idea about the psychics, their state of mind, or their way of giving information, and tips. So the best is to let your intuition do. Ask a help from the Divine and it will come over: generally, you’ll watch exactly the video you need.

Sometimes, people around me say: “everything you’re talking about is like magic!” So yes, it is! Magic is everywhere when you decide to let it come into your life. Your intuition must become the only way of living. Look at all these psychics on the web: they’re very peaceful, quiet, and self-confident. It’s because they’re living along their intuition only, connected into their heart, sure of their inner power. They care of others, of themselves too. They’re very sensitive, smart, bright, and talk about their experiences easily.

Once you’ve let your mental go out from your life, you just live with no fear of any danger. Around you, there is many things to know. This is a source of consciousness and awakening. You see everything differently, as if it was new; with no more beliefs that have made you live into a mental jail. You’re creating the best at each second, helped by the Divine (your Angels, and many other Beings of Light).

So here is an advice: when you have to make a choice, connect yourself into your heart. Your intuition brings you the best solution. You know it’s right when everything goes on easily. When it breaks, or slow down, you’re not on the best way (you asked your metal instead of your heart). Change it before things turn bad, so don’t ask your mental for a help, but your intuition.

People want to explain magic with science, but it doesn’t work. Why? First, because the intuition isn’t the same for everybody. Secondly, the subtile world isn’t supposed to be an analytic data. This is an inner connection with the Divine: your Divine part linked with the Divine up there. Sciences are made for the mental that uses the reason. But how many scientific discoveries have been made along the intuition? A lot! So it’s true that the intuition helps all the time, for everything.

The more you’ll find out some very important information, the more you’ll get people on your path to share them with. The Divine will send you these people in the aim to communicate, and exchange information with them. Try to see it as a gift: the opportunity to know more about the topic you’re interested in, and transmit your information in return.

So think big: nothing can prevent you from knowing more about spirituality. Your curiosity is your best friend. Take your time too, because things set up step by step. So be indulgent with yourself.

Hope this post inspires you, and stirs up your curiosity!




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