The heart’s melody

18 Jun

 I can hear you thinking: what does Jane mean? Is the heart playing a melody as it beats? You may know our body makes sounds all the time long. It’s always to remind us something: hunger, thirst, heat, cold, and all around the first signs of any disease. But we don’t take care much about the heart. It beats fast or slowly, it depends on the moment and the circumstances. So I can say here that:

Your heart plays a melody!

When your mental shuts down, you may hear that melody. This is yours, so it doesn’t look like any other one. Your melody talks about you, your life, your purposes, and what your path is. This melody is made of all you have done or not, your joy or your sadness, all your desires, hopes, wishes, thoughts, your best and your worst, your inner beauty, the way you run your life, your acts and no failures, your fights, victories, success, so all that turned bad, and gave you pain, sufferings, nightmares, and big issues.

This melody is changing all the time, as your life goes on. What you live at the moment gives you a different melody than the ones of yesterday, or tomorrow. You can change it by yourself when you need to get more energy and raise your vibration. It’s up to you.

At each second of your life, you have the right to choose the best of everything. Whatever happens, your free will gives you the possibility to feel fine, or not. So you must let your mental out of your heart; it means to stop listening to it, instead of listenig to the melody of your heart.

It sounds weird, but it works. Each time you do, think, or live, along your mental, you’re very far from your heart. So you can’t hear its melody made to lead you on your path, do the right things, think well and fairly, be true with yourself. When you’re far from your heart, the sound of the melody is low. Where are you so? Probably lost in your own translation, I mean in a very materialistic way of life, or without any values, or even in some very hard situation.

Your mental must obey your heart, and serve it. Not the contrary. So its melody gives you an indication: is it calm and beautiful, or strong and loud? Is it happy, or not? You exactly where you stand, when you listen to the melody of your heart. It talks to you, and just wants you to be aware of what you’re living, feeling, or doing.

By listening to your melody, you’re directly connected with your intuition. Don’t forget it is the main thing: your mental is not your driver; this is your intuition that must be it. Why?


  • You are connected with your soul, that divine part which leads you on your path.
  • You don’t have to wonder how to be or what to do in any situation: your intuition is made for, so it’s more comfortable for you. Just ask for a help, then listen to the inner melody of your heart.
  • You can trust your intuition, but you can’t trust your mental because it doesn’t know you as your divine part does.
  • Your intuition allows you to be who you really are, not your mental that wants you to be as others, the society, religions or the diktats have decided. Your intuition wants you to be free.
  • You’ve got your free will when you’re connected with your inner power, I mean your intuition, but not when you’re driven by your mental.
  • Your gifts can be revealed when you’re intuitive, not when you’re headed by your mental. You’re also the first person to take advantage of your gifts. There’re made for that. One day, thanks to them, you’ll be able to help others too.

The melody of your heart is the best thing to live along the law of love. You’re down here to explore all the sides of love, all around it. Ok, it’s not easy. This is not a fight either. So remind you’ve been an angel full of love, not a long time ago! You just have to do as if you were still that beautiful angel, and live along your heart only.



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