Women’s rights: the fight

15 Oct

The era is hard for all the women all over the world. Our fights are not over.

In some countries, women have a lot to do to obtain even some elementary rights. It remains very difficult for these women to be treated with respect and dignity, so to be free. Free to dress up as they like, to study, to make up, to sing, to use any social networks, to live where they want, with who they want, when they want, as they want. In one word: free to be who they want.

These women’s rights are violated by any men. What are these women supposed to do? How a woman would defense herself when there are no laws to help her? When she has no right at all?

Even in our western countries called “civilized”, the laws are not strong enough to protect the women from the predation of some men who are not even sentenced.

Ladies, When was the last time you felt really safe?

Do you feel safe in your country, in your neighborhood, in a relationship? When you’re driving? When you go out? At work? On the subway? On the parking of the supermarket? When you travel?

Everywhere on Earth, women’s rights aren’t a priority in men’s mind. The women who have been assaulted by a man feel ashamed, guilty, depressed, so they are scared. How is it possible they feel guilty as they’re a victim?

This is shocking to see how difficult it is for the women to be treated with respect and dignity by most of the men. Religion, education, habits and traditions, the working world, are under men’s control. So men get the authority on all the women.

In our western countries, the split and the misunderstandings between women and men start when they’re young. We, parents, have to teach our young boys about respect, dignity, tolerance, and kindness with girls to make things move on for the better.

Men’s power comes from millenniums of supremacy. Ladies, do you think a second, they want to share it?

However, I’m sure that the women who want to be considered as human beings worthy of respect, would be able to share men’s power in the aim to build a better world, made of values, peace, and love. Is it such an utopia?

If we want this time to come over some day, each woman has to fight to make things change. Ladies, when a man mistreats you, talks to you badly, hurts you, or anything kind of, defend yourself. Don’t ever let any man to be disrespectful to you. Don’t let men drive your life, your mind, your body, your feelings, so your dreams. If every woman considers herself as free to defend her right for dignity and respect, she becomes a strong woman, so she gives the image of a winner. It talks to men, it talks to everybody, actually.

We’re living at the 21st century, so women must still fight for these elementary rights. It sounds weird, isn’t? Do men fight for the right to be considered, respected, treated with dignity by women? No, of course they don’t, because women respect them, love them, want babies with them. Women are wonderful and full of love.

Ladies, get you head up and claim your legitimate right to respect and to dignity. It’s not a demand only, but a fundamental right.



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